CSI: Dark Motives is a computer game based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation television series. The game was developed by 369 Interactive, published by Ubisoft, and was released for the PC in 2004. In November 2007 it was remade by Powerhead Games, published by Ubisoft and released for Nintendo DS.

This game, like its prequel CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, its sequel CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder and CSI: Miami, follows a distinct pattern of five cases, with the fifth case tying together the previous four.

The Cases

Case 1: "Daredevil Disaster"

When Ace Dillinger, a professional stuntman for World's Wildest Stunts, crashes his motorbike at a stuntshow, there is a call for the CSI crew. You play a new recruit working with Catherine Willows on this case.

Case 2: "Prints and Pauper"

A seemingly homeless man is found dead in an abandoned insane asylum. The contents of his stomach seem to show otherwise. Evidence points out to a restaurant owner and a woman who's the daughter and sole heir of a wealthy man. You work with Warrick Brown on this case.

Case 3: "Diggin' It"

Human bones are dug up at a construction site for a new casino. It is believed the site is an ancient Indian burial ground. You work with Sara Sidle in this case.

Case 4: "Miss Direction"

A woman is shot dead during a rehearsal for a play, apparently shot with a prop gun. You will work with Nick Stokes in this mission.

Case 5: "Dragon and Dropping"

A poisonous Komodo is killed at a casino circus and a toe is found in its cage. Who got this peaceful predator to attack the victim anyway? You work with Gil Grissom on this case.

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