Cabela's Big Game Hunter is a video game for the PlayStation 2, Wii and Xbox 360 consoles. It was published by Activision. It features the hunting areas of Montana's Beartooth Mountains, British Columbia in Western Canada, Argentina's Patagonia Region, a savannah in the East African country of Ethiopia,and Zambia Some game animals are Grizzly Bear, Elk, Mule Deer, Hare, Grey Fox, Water Buffalo, Blue Quail, Partridge, and Big Horn Sheep.

Mini Games

Many times you can play mini games, which include many a wing shooting pheasant, mallards, etc. opportunities, shooting/evading a mad grizzly bear, Shooting a trophy Big Horn, finding a cougar (Winter Patagonia)

Plot synopsis

You start out in Montana, where you hunt Mule deer, elk, and fight a grizzly bear. Then you move up north to British Columbia where you have tags for Dall sheep and moose. Then, you go back to Montana for winter with tags for deer, elk, and bighorn sheep. Then, you go south of the equator, in Argentina, where you take down a trophy water buffalo. then you go to the African country of Ethiopia where you hunt greater kudu and klipspringer. Then, you go back to Argentina for winter, where you hunt axis deer, water buffalo, Blackbuck antelope, and a cougar. Then, you go back to Ethiopia where guns are restricted for wingshooting only, and big game are to be hunted with a crossbow, and you hunt for dik-diks and a trophy hartebeest. Later, in the level, your guide is scared by a black leopard, which is the only big game animal that can be killed with a gun. But, before you go after the leopard, you have to hunt Mountain nyala to use their meat as leopard bait. Then, you go to New Zealand, where you can use guns for weasels and ducks, but you have to use a crossbow, to hunt red deer. In the next level, you are back in New Zealand, with tags for fallow deer and chamois, and then you fight a wild boar. Then in the final level, you go to Zambia, where one of its biggest lions, named "the beast", has developed a taste for cattle, but, you have to test your skills with waterbuck, cape buffalo, and jackals, after you take down the lion, the game says that you have completed all the missions.

Trophy legends

Mule deer, moose, elk, water buffalo, kudu, chital, hartebeest, red stag, fallow deer, waterbuck.


Mule deer, elk, lynx, grizzly bear, dall sheep, moose, coyote, whitetail deer, caribou, bighorn sheep, water buffalo, kudu, klipspringer, axis deer, blackbuck, cougar, dik-dik, hartebeest, nyala, leopard, red deer, fallow deer, chamois, wild boar, waterbuck, cape buffalo, sable antelope, lion


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