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Camaron is a terrestrial world with a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and argon. The surface is scorching hot, and mainly composed of iron with deposits of nickel. Like Wuo, Camaron is tide-locked to the blue giant, forever, "looking into the face of Gorgon."

Note: This planet can be scanned for the Advanced Power Relays War Asset.
Facts about "Camaron"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.23 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length664.8 Earth Years +
DisplayNameCamaron +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect + and Mass Effect 3 +
NameCamaron +
NamePageCamaron +
NamesCamaron +
Orbital Distance199.0 AU +
Orbital Period664.8 Earth Years +
PageNameCamaron +
PageTypeElement +
Radius5,198 km +
Surface Gravity0.55 G +
Surface Temperature1,020.15 K (747 °C, 1,376.6 °F, 1,836.27 °R) +

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