Baked in the fierce heat of a white sun, Capek is a rocky, waterless world wrapped in a haze of hydrogen and ethane. Sulfur and iron give yellowish and blank tinges to much of the planet's surface. No registered settlements appear in the records, though there are clearly metallic anomalies that indicate roofed structures.


Surface scan detects mech production facility matching the registration parameters of Hahne-Kedar Corporation. Facility reports emergency lockdown at this location. Personnel scans report no living being detected. Hazard scans show a large number of virus-infected mechs quarantined within the facility. Deactivation of the primary production line controls should disrupt the creation of additional infected mechs.

Note: This planet has an anomaly that can be scanned for a landing zone for the resolution of N7: Hahne-Kedar Facility.

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