Carbonated Games was the first-party game developer studio for Microsoft Casual Games in Microsoft Game Studios. It was founded and run by Joshua Howard, and was active from 2004 until its disbanding on March 27, 2008. Carbonated Games developers were located in Redmond, WA; Hyderabad, India; and Beijing, China. Its alumni went on to Hidden City Games, Microsoft Aces (Microsoft Flight Simulator), Hourglass Games, the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade group, GameHouse, Amazing Society, Realtime Worlds, Playdom, PopCap Games and DigiPen Institute of Technology. During its tenure, the studio created games for Xbox Live Arcade, MSN Messenger, MSN Games, and Microsoft Surface, including:

Carbonated Games also shipped Backgammon, Chess, Checkers, Hearts, Spades, and other casual games. In addition, Carbonated was responsible for the Microsoft games that shipped with Windows Me, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

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