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Carmageddon is a racing game that lets you wreck havoc and cause destruction while you race. You'll easily be mowing down old ladies and other civilians, including other motorists. While you could race to the end like a normal game, you can also turn it into a car combat game and win by destroying everyone else. Since there are no long ranged weapons, bashing into enemy cars will have to do. You will often create catastrophic, deadly, mile-high pile ups with other vehicles. Despite it's long loading times for tracks, Carmageddon still retains a very "pick-up-and-play" vibe.

Nintendo 64 version

Two years later, the Nintendo 64 version of Carmageddon was released. It bore the same name, but none of the fun. The once simple controls became overly complicated and an obstacle for the player. The textures are a complete blur, and the crashes are not nearly as entertaining. Worst of all, the immoral destruction of civilians in the PC game has been censored. The civilians are now zombies. You mow down Zombies that spew green blood. Not only does it not make much sense, it's also considered a cheap cop out way of avoiding plain old violence. It does, however, add a limited 2 person Multiplayer mode to the game, though the controls & graphics don't make it very fun.

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