Developed by Incinerator Studios

Senior Producer

Technical Director

Art Director

Lead Programmer


Additional Art

Lead Wii Programmer


Additional Programming

Assistant Producer

General Manager

IT Managers

Human Resources

Rainbow Studios

Executive Producer

Lead Designer

Lead Programmer

Lead Artist

Lead Animator

Senior Producer

Project Manager


Lead Tools Programmer

Tools Programming

Additional Programming


Senior Technical Game Designer


Additional Design


Additional Character Art

Additional Art


Additional Animation

Lead UI Artist

Associate Producer

Concept Art

Audio/Video Manager

Sound Design

Additional Sound Support

Audio Tools Engineer

Music by

Additional Music

Video Editor

Senior Localization Producer

Associate Project Manager - Shared Services

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance LEads

Senior Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Build Manager

Technical Director

Director of Design

Director of Art & Animation

VP Product Development & General Manager

Operations Manager

Director of Studio Finance & IT

Administration and Support

Special Thanks


Marketing & PR

Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing

Director of Global Brand Management

Associate Brand Manager

Director of Creative Services

Sr. Creative Services Manager

Creative Services Manager

Manual text

Vice President of Communications

Director of Media Relations

Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Coordinator

Director, Quality Assurance

QA Managers

Test Supervisor

Senior Test Lead

Test Lead


First Party Supervisor

First Party Lead

First Party Specialists

QA Technicians Supervisor

QA Technicians

Mastering Lab Supervisor

Mastering Lab Technicians

Remastering Project Manager=

Database Supervisor

Database Administrator

Database Applications Engineer

QA Operations Coordinates

Customer Service Supervisor

Customer Service


Senior Global Localization Manager

Localization Project Manager

Assoc. Localization Project Manager

Engineering Support

Director of European Localization

European Localization Engineer

European Localization Technician

Localization Coordinator

Localization Test Coordinator

Operations Coordinator

Special Thanks

Disney Interactive Studios


Senior Manager, Casual & Licensed Games

Director, Game Design

Technology Director

Localization Producer

Senior Brand Manager

Associate Brand Manager

Marketing Coordinator

Senior Manager, Public Relations, North America

Quality Assurance Certification Lead

Quality Assurance Tester

Quality Assurance Supervisors

Director of Quality Assurance

QA Coordinator

Media Coordinator

Production Intern

Featuring the Voice Talents Of:

Disney Character Voices

Creative Directors

Senior Production Manager

Principal Audio Specialist

Audio Specialist

Production Coordinator

Special Thanks

Pixar Animation Studios




Production Designers

Shading Art Director

Director of Photography Camera

Script/Story Lead

Script/Story Team


=Interactive Manager

Interactive Associate

VP and General Manager of Feature animation

Senior VP of Animation Marketing

Director of Worldwide Marketing

Consumer Products Art Manager

Consumer Products Coordinator

Special Thanks

In memory of

Music Credits

"5 Star Day"


"I Can't Drive 55"

  • Written by Sammy Hager
  • Courtesy of APM Music
  • ©2004 WB Music corp. (ASCAP), The Nine Music (ASCAP)
  • All rights administered by WB Music Corp.


  • Written and performed by Paul Lawler (PRS)
  • Courtesy of De Wolte Music USA by arrangement with RipTide Music, Inc.

"Life is a Highway"

"Route 66"

  • Written by Bobby Troup
  • Performed by Jon Butcher
  • Produced by RipTide Music for THQ Inc.
  • ©2002 Troup-London Music, Edwin H. Morris & Company, a division of MPL Music Publishing, Inc.

"Stop The Rock"

"What I Like About You"

All rights reserved. Used by permission. International Copyright secured.

Cars © 2007 Disney/Pixar. Licensed by THQ Inc.
Developed by Incinerator Studios.
All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners.
Disney/Pixar elements © 2007 Disney/Pixar; not including underlying vehicles owned by third parties; Hudson Hornet is a trademark of DaimierChrysler Corporation; Volkswagen trademarks, design patents and copyrights are used with the approval of the owner Volkswagen AG; Model T is a registered trademark of Ford Company; Fiat is a trademark of Fiat S.p.A.; Mazda Miata is a registered trademark of Mazda Motor Corporation; Chevrolet Impala is a trademark of General Motors; Jeep ® is a registered trademark of DaimierChrysler Corporation; Mercury is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. Sarges rank insignia design used with the approval of the U.S. Army. Cadillac Range background inspired by the Cadillac Ranch by Ant Farm (Lords, Michels and Marquez) © 1974.

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