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Cars: Race-O-Rama is a racing game that was released on October 12, 2009. Cars: Race-O-Rama is the sequel to Cars: Mater-National Championship, which was released on October 27, 2007. The PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS versions of the game were created by Tantalus Media in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. A toy line for the release was released in early 2009, as the name "Race O Rama" was used for the 3rd series of Mattel Die-Cast Disney Cars.


In the game players race against new characters through action-packed tracks to win the Race-O-Rama trophy as their own personalized Lightning McQueen.

Players can join Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs as he prepares the Doc Hudson's racing academy of student racers for the Race-O-Rama competition. Lightning finds out that Chick Hicks has his own set of academy student racers who don't always compete fairly (as shown during the crashing of two of Doc's students during the intro race). Lightning decided to customizes himself for the four different races: Offroad racing, street racing, beach racing and speedway racing.

After Chick beats Stinger, Candice, and El Machismo, he reveals in the final race that he was only using them to learn how to beat Lightning and customize himself. After Chick loses the race, he vows his revenge on McQueen and his friends by saying that he'll come back when they least expect it and drives away in anger. Then, Candice, El Machismo, and Stinger apologized to McQueen for the way they acted. McQueen accepts their apology and tells them that they're welcome to stop by the academy anytime.


Playable Characters for DS and PSP

  • Lightning McQueen
  • Doc
  • Mater
  • Flo
  • Fillmore
  • Sarge
  • Chick Hicks
  • Emma
  • El Machismo
  • Stinger
  • Candace
  • Ramone
  • Luigi
  • Chick's Students
  • Doc's Students

Playable Characters for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii

  • Lightning McQueen
  • Monster McQueen
  • Fillmore
  • Ramone
  • Sarge
  • Flo
  • Mater
  • Doc
  • Sheriff
  • Bubba
  • Vin
  • Doc's Student
  • Chick's Student
  • Tater
  • Tater JR
  • Chick Hicks
  • Chick Modified
  • El Machismo
  • Guido
  • Luigi
  • Candace
  • Stinger

Unplayable Characters for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii

  • Mike
  • Sulley
  • Monster Mater
  • Chick's Students
  • Doc's Students
  • VINs
  • Rust bucket cars
  • Other nameless Cars characters
  • Count Spatula, Ginormous, The Crippler
  • Mia and Tia
  • Kabuto
  • Visitors to Radiator Springs
  • Visitors to Santa Carburera
  • Visitors to Autovia
  • Visitors to Motoropolis City
  • Visitors to Radiator Springs Speedway


Besides Radiator Springs, there are 4 new worlds featured in this game. Here is the list of worlds featured:

  • Radiator Springs
  • Santa Carburera
  • Motoropolis City
  • Autovia
  • Radiator Springs Speedway
  • Ornament Valley
  • Tailfin Pass
  • Rustbucket Race-O-Rama (Only appears in races)

Type of Gameplay

Gold Events Races

There are a total of 27 gold events in Cars Race-O-Rama:

Radiator Springs Speedway (1/2)

  • Sprint 1 - The player races as Lightning McQueen. The opponents are Doc's Academy, and the other Academy. After the race, Lightning finds out that the other academy belonged to Chick Hicks. He explains that he is competing in the Race-O-Rama series to shut down the Doc Hudson Racing Academy, so everyone will come to his academy, where Chick will teach them to cheat, and to take over Radiator Springs.
  • Mack Track Challenge - This is a Mini Game. You have to drift around Mack Track Challenge 4 laps. The more you drift, the more points you get. on the final lap, the gate will open, then you jump Mack's trailer to perform a stunt. That will add more points.
  • Academy Challenge 1 - This is the first Academy Challenge. Lightning, his academy, and Chick's academy are in it.
  • Hudson Student Run - Lightning Makes it to the championship races. You will race against top students from the rival academy. Lightning, Doc, Doc's academy, and Chick's Academy are in it. After this, you go to Radiator Springs.

Radiator Springs (1/4)

  • Smash-Up 1 - Mater was "chasing his hook", when Bubba came with his two friends, Tater and Tater Jr. Bubba reminded Mater of a time when they agreed to race at the Rustbucket Stadium for the towing rights to Radiator Springs. In this race, the player plays as Mater and the opponents are Sarge, Fred, Tater, and four of Mater's cousins.
  • Mater the Greater - The player has to help Mater jump over Carburetor Canyon. First, they guide him down the ramp without hitting the sides, help him stay in the air, then aim for the center of the landing target.
  • Road Race 1 - This is a circuit race in Tailfin Pass. The other racers are Doc, Mater, Fillmore, Sarge, Flo, Ramone, and Sheriff. After this race, you go to the next Santa Carburera.

Santa Carburera

  • Road Race 2 - The first race in Santa Carburera. Lightning McQueen gets some Modifications. His top speed is 199 mph.
  • Academy Challenge 2 - The second race with Lightning McQueen, Doc's academy students, and Chick's academy students.
  • Candice's Glam Tour - Chick introduces Candice to McQueen and Flo. She got a lot of attention from some paparazzi. When she lost the race, she calls her dad and asks for new tires, new paint, new everything, to which he agreed. After this race, go back to Radiator Springs.

Radiator Springs (2/4)

  • Monster Truck Mayhem 2 - A monster Truck Race at the Rustbucket Stadium.
  • Smash-Up 2 - The second Rustbucket Race. In the Cut-scene, as Mater exited the Rustbucket Stadium, he gets startled by Bubba. Bubba teases him for being scared, but Mater says that the only thing he's scared of is the ghostlight. Then, he, along with the Taters, realize that their names rhyme, so they go off to find more things that rhyme with their names.
  • Off-Road Race 1 - A race in Ornament Valley. After this race, go to Autovia.


  • Off-Road Race 2 - The first race in Autovia: which is a little village in the middle of the desert. Lightning McQueen gets some bigger tires to drive off-road. Before the race, Chick's racing academy students are going through the MotorCo. factory and coming out as VINs.
  • Academy Challenge 3 - The third Academy Challenge. Lightning McQueen and students from both academies are in it, along with some VINs.
  • Match-Up - Chick introduces El Machismo to Lightning McQueen and Sarge. El Machismo is pretty wild. He said he's bigger than big, badder than bad. When he lost the race, he asks Chick to get bigger parts so that he can crush everyone. This surprises Chick, who says that he's not that much of a sore loser. After you win this, go back to Radiator Springs.

Radiator Springs (3/4)

  • Monster Truck Mayhem 3 - Another Monster Truck Race. In the cut-scene, the Taters tell Mater that they will get all the towing rights to Radiator Springs. Mater congratulates them, but then realizes that he will lose the rights, so he is left with a dilemma.
  • Tokyo Mater - Mater races Kabuto in Tokyo.
  • Road Race 3 - Race through Radiator Springs. After this race, go to Motoropolis City.

Motoropolis City

  • Street Race 1 - The first race in Motoropolis city. The paint-job for this modified McQueen is a darker shade of red than the regular one. His top speed is 190mph.
  • Academy Challenge 4 - The last race with Lightning McQueen and the academy students. Like in the 3rd one, there are also some VINs.
  • Stinger's Stir-Up - Chick Hicks introduces Stinger to McQueen and Ramone. Lightning greets him, but he just vrooms his engine. When he lost the race, Chick asks him what he has to say for himself, but instead of saying something, Stinger drives away. Next, you go back to Radiator Springs.

Radiator Springs (4/4)

  • El Materdor - Mater fights some bulldozers.
  • Bubba's Bucket Bash - Mater, Bubba, and the Taters had a race in the Rustbucket Stadium. The winner will get the towing rights to Radiator Springs. Mater was excited that he won. The Taters had fun too, even though they lost. which makes Bubba angry at them. The Taters explain that it feels like they won since Mater was their new friend and their names rhyme. Bubba drives away, vowing his revenge.

Radiator Springs Speedway (2/2)

  • Sprint 2 - Lightning McQueen races against the VINs.
  • Reunion Rundown - Lightning McQueen races against Stinger, Candice, El Machismo, and the rest of the racers are VINs.
  • Chick Hicks Showdown - The final race. Before the race, Chick tells Lightning that he was just using Stinger, Candice, El Machismo and the VINs to learn how to beat him. After the race, Lightning McQueen wins the Race-O-Rama trophy. Chick angry vows his revenge. Then Stinger, Candice, and El Machismo came to McQueen, and apologized for how they behaved on the track. Lightning McQueen invited him to come by the Doc Hudson racing Academy any time.

Other Race Events

  • Point to Point Races (2 Levels on PlayStation 2 and 5 levels on PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360) - Race in Santa Carburera, Autovia, Tailfin Pass, Radiator Springs and Ornament Valley. These races have the players race from the starting line to the finish line rather than do multiple laps.
  • Relay Races (2 Levels) - Race in Santa Carberera and Motoropolis City. In these races, there are 3 laps, and the player plays as a different car for each lap. For each lap, you must tag your next teammate, or else your speed will drop to zero.
  • Guido Kart Race (9 Levels) - You race as Guido. The boost meter doesn't refill. All of the Races are 5 laps. You can collect power-ups along the track. There are 4 different power-ups. Ghost - drive through things, like a ghost, Smoke Screen - Smoke will come out of your hind, Turbo Charge - Get a full boost meter, and Speed Boost - Get a full boost meter - and then use the whole thing. Kind of like Mario Kart. There are races in all 7 locations in the game, as well as one in the Rustbucket Stadium.
  • Smash-Up (3 Levels) - Race in Rustbucket Stadium. It's 3 laps.
  • Monster Truck Mayhem (5 Levels) - Race as monster trucks. All races are 3 laps and take place in these locations: Rustbucket Stadium, Autovia and Ornament Valley.

Mini Games

  • Auto Crosses (7 Levels) - You have to drive through a course within a time limit and avoid hitting obstacles, or more time will be added to your clock. You can't jump over those obstacles either.
  • Photo Ops (8 Levels) - You have to get to a ring, and jump through it before the timer gets to zero. Then take control of the camera, and take a picture.
  • Transporters (3 Levels):
    • Transporter 1: You start at Willy's Butte, and you have to bring a spoiler to Doc at Ramone's shop.
    • Transporter 2: You start on that ledge in Tailfin Pass, and you have to bring a flier to Flo at the Wheel Well Motel.
    • Transporter 3: You start in the northern road of Ornament Valley, and you have to bring a tire to Luigi at the Gas Station at the other side of the train tracks.
  • Luigi's Tire Find - Play as Luigi and try to get all 15 tires around Radiator Springs in 1:30.00. It is similar to Luigi to the rescue in the first game. Plus, it's the only time when Guido's boost meter refills.
  • Sheriff's Chase - Play as Sheriff, and try to catch all 3 speeders speeding around Radiator Springs. The speeders are Chick's Academy students. There's no time limit. It is similar to Sheriff's Hot Pursuit from the first game.
  • Tractor Stampede - Play as Lightning McQueen. Try to tip all 10 tractors in Radiator Springs before the timer shows 0. This is similar to Tractor Tipping from the last two games.

Traveling with Mack

This is not exactly an event, but here, you meet up with Mack and he will take you to any of the 5 main locations of the game:

  • Radiator Springs
  • Radiator Springs Speedway
  • Santa Carburera
  • Autovia
  • Motoropolis


There are 3 different customizes that allow you to customize the body parts of Lightning McQueen in Story Mode:

  • Ramone's House of Body Art
  • Luigi's Casa Della Tires
  • Doc's Garage


  • Carlos Alazraqui -
  • Dee Bradley Baker -
  • Greg Baldwin -
  • S. Scott Bullock -
  • Corey Burton- Doc Hudson
  • Larry the Cable Guy - Mater
  • Lindsey Collins - Mia
  • Jerry DeCapua -
  • Henry Dittman -
  • Paul Dooley - Sarge
  • Chris Edgerly -
  • Bill Farmer -
  • Keith Ferguson - Lightning McQueen
  • Quinton Flynn -
  • John Goodman - Sulley
  • Billy Crystal- Mike
  • Jennifer Hale - Emma
  • E.J. Holowicki -
  • Rob Izenberg -
  • Michael Keaton - Chick Hicks
  • Elissa Knight - Tia
  • Jenifer Lewis - Flo
  • Cheech Marin - Ramone
  • Joel McCrary -
  • Mike Nelson - Not Chuck
  • Jon Olsen -
  • John Ratzenberger - Mack
  • Lou Romano -
  • Randy Savage - El Machismo
  • Tony Shalhoub - Luigi
  • Guido Quaroni- Guido
  • Lloyd Sherr -
  • Mark Silverman - Fillmore
  • Joe Smith -
  • Andrew Stanton - Fred
  • Stephen Stanton -
  • Tara Strong -
  • James Patrick Stuart -
  • Josh Robert Thompson -
  • Michael Wallis - Sheriff

Differences from the film

  • Characters from the film do not appear.
  • There is a Doc's Garage in Ornament Valley and Tailfin Pass and there is a Ramone's House of Body Art and a Luigi's Casa Della Tires in Radiator Springs Speedway, Santa Carburera, Autovia and Motoropolis.
  • Different VAs voice Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson and Fillmore.


  • Like the Cars movie, This game is dedicated in memory of Joe Ranft.
  • Radiator Springs Speedway is now open and free to explore.
  • If you go round the road back behind Radiator Cap (the giant rock behind the Courthouse with RS engraved in it) and you see a mountain with lots of back ends of cars sticking out (Cadillac Range), well you look to the right and you see a big dark brown rock. You are looking at the top of Tailfin Pass, if you look closely in the bottom left corner of the rock, you can see Wheel Well Motel. This can also be reversed if you go up to Wheel Well Motel and go to the edge of the cliff, you can see where you have just come from (behind Radiator Cap) and beyond that is Radiator Springs.
  • If you let Lighting stand for a few minutes he start to sleep.
  • Like the film, the game title is on a starting line.

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