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Produced by: IGA

Directed by: Takeda Takashi

Game Planning: Takeda Takashi, Shinichiro Shimamura

Scenario Design: IGA

Character Design & Illustration: Ayami Kojima

System Program: Kenji Miura, Shuichi Hirohara

Player & Magic Program: Shuichi Hirohara

Enemy Program: Takeda Takashi, Jun-ichi Inoue

Demo & Event Program: Kenji Miura

Viewer Program: Shuichi Hirohara

Player Graphics & Magic FX: Shinichiro Shimamura

Enemy Graphics: Shinichiro Shimamura, Taku Kisaki

Background Graphics: Shinichiro Shimamura, M. Yamada, Mihoko Hirayama

Demo Graphics: Shinichiro Shimamura

Sound Program: Kiyohiko Yamane

Music & Sound Effects: Soshiro Hikkai

Extra Stage Music: Michiru Yamane

Cooperation Production: baobab

Product Design: Michika Tokoro

Special Thanks: Sumiko Shindo, EAGLE Sawao, Norio Takemoto, Sato Masanori

International Product Manager: Yukako Hamaguchi, (Konami Corporation)

Executive Producer: Kenichira Honda

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