Item Location Creature
Antacids Cave of Oblivion(2) Munak
Antacids Desolated Desert Panzer Goblin
Beast Card North of Desert Beast
Black Herb North of Desert Beast
Black Herb Cave of Oblivion(2) Munak
Conbined Mixture Cave of Oblivion Whisper
Dark Lord Card The Dark Lord
Dark Lord Recipe Cave of Oblivion Whisper


Cave of Oblivion(3)


Food Recipe Desolated Desert Panzer Goblin
Honey Rice Cake Desolated Desert Panzer Goblin
Monster Juice Front of Morroc Coal Mine Orc Warrior
Morpheus Armor Set Cave of Oblivion Munak
Munak Card Cave of Oblivion(2) Munak
Orc Card Front of Morroc Coal Mine Orc Warrior
Sapphire Desolated Desert Panzer Goblin
Whisper Card Cave of Oblivion Whisper
Yellow Herb Cave of Oblivion(2) Whisper

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