Cave Co., Ltd. (Computer Art Visual Entertainment) is a Japanese video game company, known primarily for its manic shoot 'em ups. Cave remains one of the most active makers of arcade shoot-'em-ups in the Japanese market. The company was formed primarily from the remains of Toaplan, and several of their early games are considered to be spiritual successors to prior Toaplan works, in particular Truxton and Batsugun. Cave currently produces new titles for the arcade and cell phones, as well as online games for PC.

They are also known for an Engrish warning screen after turning on the games DonPachi and Puzzle Uo Poko ("Violator and subject to severe penalties and will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam" [sic]).

Cave's arcade titles have used various arcade boards over the years. Earlier titles used a Cave-designed board based on a Motorola 68000 CPU,[1] whereas later releases moved over to the PGM (Poly Game Master) hardware,[2] and then on to boards based on the Hitachi SH-3 CPU.[3] Cave is currently transitioning to PC-based hardware.

In many Cave arcade video game flyers, especially those based on SH-3 hardware, there are also papercraft games at the back of the flyers.

List of Cave Releases

Distributed by Atlus

Distributed by Capcom

Distributed by IGS

Distributed by Jaleco

Distributed by Nihon System

Distributed by AMI (Amusement Marketing International)

Distributed only

Distributed by Annex[4]


  • Mini4WD Networks Co., Ltd. (ミニ四駆ネットワークス株式会社) is a joint venture of Cave and Tamiya established in 2006-02-01.[5]
  • Tabot Inc. is a video game, music, and online content development company.
  • Beads Mania makes accessories. The company merged with Cave on 2008-06-01.[6]

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