CaveRover is an ongoing project by Ido Yehieli to create a game in the roguelike genre. Though there is not yet a released version of CaveRover, the source code is (available in a Subversion repository) to anyone under the GNU General Public License, thus this is a free, open source game.

The game is already playable; you may wander the dungeon and fight monsters. Perhaps the most unique property of this game is its facing system. Unlike older roguelike games, in which one simply moves north, east, south or west, the hero in CaveRover turns left and right, moves forward or strafes. The hero faces a specific direction and can only see in that direction.

Current information about this game is at


  • CaveRover title
  • CaveRover screenshot

Game data

Source code (Microsoft Windows, Unix)

There has never been a release of CaveRover. Interested persons with a C compiler (usually gcc upon Linux or MinGW upon Windows) may test the current source code. The C source is peculiar because it uses some features of C99.

Further information

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