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The music was composed by Daisuke Amaya in a special format known as Organya. A music player is available at his site and a translation patch is available at AGTP along with the game's.

English Track Listing

  1. Access
  2. Gestation
  3. Mimiga Town
  4. Plant
  5. Balrog's Theme
  6. Gravity
  7. Cemetery
  8. Safety
  9. Mischievous Robot
  10. Pulse
  11. On to Grasstown
  12. Eyes of Flame
  13. Meltdown 2
  14. Tyrant
  15. Run!
  16. Jenka 1
  17. Jenka 2
  18. Labyrinth Fight
  19. Geothermal
  20. Oppression
  21. Living Waterway
  22. Quiet
  23. Scorching Back
  24. Moonsong
  25. Hero's End
  26. Cave Story
  27. Last Cave
  28. Balcony
  29. Charge
  30. Zombie
  31. Last Battle
  32. Break Down
  33. Running Hell
  34. Seal Chamber
  35. The Way Back Home
  36. Toroko's Theme

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