Template:Multiple issues Celestia is the upcoming 7th world in KingsIsle Entertainment's Massive Multiplayer Online game Wizard101. It's stylized after the lost city Atlantis and supposedly Roman culture. The world apparently features sentient Crustaceans, Shark, and Robotic humanoids among other creatures based on Marine wildlife. It is confirmed to come out later this year of 2010 although testing for it hasn't opened yet. The world has to open in the test realm before it can go into the live realm.

History and plot

In an interview with Ravenwood Radio a popular podcast for Wizard101, KingsIsle Entertainment gave the hostess info on Celestia that provided a history about Celestia and its people.

Long ago, the astral wizards of celestia created powerful magic using the energy of the stars, the moon, and the sun. The sorceress Morganthe, a queen of the shadow web, wanted the secrets of the Celestian magic at... all costs. The Celestians refused her, so she raised a dark army and sent it against Celestia. After decades of battle, the Astral Wizards realized their world would fall. They summoned the storm titan to defeat Morganthe’s legions and to take their world to a place of safety. The Storm Titan betrayed the Celestians by sinking their world beneath the waves along with Morganthe’s invading forces. Realizing they were doomed, the Celestians raised mighty domes to protect some of their treasured city from the waves, though it was too late! They perished along with Morganthe's invading army. Celestia was lost to the Spiral, its spiral door closed forever. Centuries later, a team of brave explorers from the spiral geographic society, led by Sir Thurston Plunkett, re-discovered Celestia. They landed with an airship and built exploratory undersea domes to explore Celestia’s ruins. Plunkett and his fellow explorers soon realized that Celestia was now inhabited by a strange new culture... the crustacean empire. Unfortunately, the explorers did not come alone to Celestia. Morganthe’s followers, the shadow weavers, stand ready to take Celestia’s magic for their Queen. After receiving the Spiral Geographic Society’s distress call, Headmaster Merle Ambrose of the Ravenwood School for Magic seeks any young Wizards brave enough to journey to the undersea world of Celestia and discover the secrets of its lost magic. What will they find there?


Pre-quests were required for the player to gain access to the world was available in Testing but this requirement was soon removed after complaints from fans. However, the pre-quests still exist when the update hit the live realm although there are no longer required to access the world. They do however provide a some information about Celestia. During a quest given to you by Professor Halston Balestrom you are attacked by a mysterious group of villains known as the Shadow Weavers they attempt to stop the player from completing the quests which is to decipher a radio message ultimately you do decipher the message and it's from a missing exploration team who went searching for Celestia a forgotten world that had apparently sunk in the sea they have found it but are being pursued by the Shadow Weavers and The Umbra Queen, Morganthe. The player is then sent to Marleybone to recover the Celestia Spiral key in the Spiral Geographic Warehouse - A tower. After the player(s) reaches the top they must battle in order to receive the Spiral key after the bosses defeat one - A shadow weaver named Estrakir Gloomthorn proclaims the Umbra queen is back and shatters the Key into fragments the Pre-quest ling ends with the broken key in the hands of Professor Halston Balestrom who says the key must be repaired although it might take time.

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