CellFactor: Combat Training is a sci-fi first person shooter from Artificial Studios & Immersion Games.

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Specifically designed to show off the multiple physical effects that can be bolstered with the AGEIA card, CellFactor: Combat Training features some of the most commonly featured objects in all FPS games: barrels and boxes. There are large amounts of both on the demo's only level, the difference being that these are not exploding barrels and flimsy plywood boxes as normally featured in most FPS games. Barrels and boxes are solid, heavy, and deadly, if used in the right way. Thanks to your character's psychic powers, you can lift and toss practically any of these small items and watch as they all interact with one another in a truly convincing manner—bumping and slamming into one another and spreading across the ground. If you build up enough power, you can even force-push through a pile of debris and use that to take out enemies, amusingly called out as a "PhysX Kill" by the game.

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