Chai Xianghua

Xianghua in Soul Calibur

Game Series Soul series
First Appearance Soul Calibur
Japanese Name: チャイ・シャンファ
Occupation: Fighter
Nationality: Chinese
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 152cm
Weight: 44kg
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: April 2, 1571
Birthplace: Peking, China (Ming Empire at the time)
Likes: Kilik
Dis-Likes: Nightmare
Hobbies: Sword Practice
Family: Father, Kong Xiuqiang,Mother, Chai Xiangfei (deceased),Sister, Xianglian (deceased, she never knew of her existence)
Home: Lotus Garden
Power: Bubble
Fighting Style: Sword arts passed down from her mother
Weapon(s): Jian (Chinese Blade) named Krita-Yuga (Soul Calibur)
Skill(s): Sword Fighting
Voice Actor(s): Aya Hisakawa (Japanese)
Molly Lin (Soul Calibur II), Wendee Lee (Soul Calibur II & Soul Calibur III) (English)

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