Chain Chomp

Chain Chomp

Game Series Mario series
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3
Creator(s): Shigeru Miyamoto

A Chain Chomp (or Chomp) is a common enemy in the Mushroom Kingdom, first appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3. They resemble ball and chains, and behave in a very dog like manner, to the point where they even bark. They are a strong but unintelligent species, and are commonly used as guard dogs in most games; in fact, as proven by the ancient statues of them in the Dry Dry Ruins, they have been used for centuries. Many Chomps in the Mario series have been part of the Koopa Troop, though a couple of Chomps have been shown to be independent.

Super Mario 64

Only one Chain Chomp appears in Super Mario 64 and that is in the first level, Bob-omb Battlefield. The Chain Chomp is guarding a Power Star and Mario must ground pound the wooden stake three times to release him, and doing so unlocks the gate he was protecting.

Mario Kart 64

Chain Chomps appear as a stage hazard in Mario Kart 64 on the final race track of the game: Rainbow Road. They roam the course aimlessly, knocking into anything that gets in it's path.

Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, ancient Chain Chomps guard the four shaped symbols of Dry Dry Ruins. They have both a high defense and high attack power.

Super Mario Sunshine

Chain Chomps appear in Super Mario Sunshine, but only for two episodes of Pianta Village. The first episode features several chain chomplets that are on fire because they have a fever. Mario must cool them off by dragging them into nearby water sources. In episode four, Mario must get the giant Chain Chomp to take a bath by pulling it towards the hot springs.

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