Chairman Drek

Game Series Ratchet & Clank series
First Appearance Ratchet & Clank
Status: Dead
Species: Blarg
Gender: Male
Home: Orxon
Voice Actor(s): Kevin Michael Richardson (English)
Tetsuo Gotō (Japanese)

The villain of Ratchet & Clank, Drek is the leader of the totalitarian capitalist Blarg race who polluted their homeworld of Orxon. Drek spends the entirety of the game attempting to rebuild a new, ideal world for his people from bits of existing planets. However, at the end of the game, he proclaims that his plan is to get "cash, and lots of it", and that he intends to pollute the new world as well, continuing the cycle. His plan is ultimately thwarted when Ratchet destroys the new planet, with Drek on it.

His title increases every time he is seen over the course of the game. Starting out as simply 'Chairman Drek' he then becomes 'Executive Chairman Drek', 'Supreme Executive Chairman Drek' and finally 'Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek'. When Ratchet and Clank visit IRIS in Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, some images of Drek can be seen on the several monitors in the room. Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (English), Tetsuo Gotō (Japanese)

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