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Champion Base Ball is an arcade game manufactured by Sega and Alpha Denshi in 1983.

Game description

The player controls a baseball team, against a computer-controlled team, with the player batting at the top of each inning. In a two-player game, each will play independently against the computer, one inning at a time. Standard baseball rules apply, with the player awarded points for various accomplishments such as hitting a pitch, safely reaching any base, pitching a strike, getting a computer player out, or retiring the computer's side to end an inning.

File:Champion Baseball.png

Before play begins, the player can choose which city/state to represent from a list containing Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Pittsburg (probably a typo for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Chicago, Montreal, St. Louis, Boston, Milwaukee, New York, California and Texas (all of whom had major-league baseball franchises in 1983). The computer then randomly selects from among the remaining cities.

If at any time the computer team has scored more runs than the player, the game immediately ends. The high-scores list ("FAR OUT PLAYERS") can hold the initials of up to six players.

Champion Base Ball II was released the same year, with identical graphics but allowing two players to compete directly with each other.Template:Baseball-videogame-stub

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