Championship Manager: Season 01/02 is a football management computer game in the Sports Interactive's Championship Manager series. It was released in October 2001 exclusively for PC and for Mac in November 2001. It was also later released on Xbox in April 2002.

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Although never particularly expanding on the graphical side, Sports Interactive included many new features along with the usual updated database. Championship Manager 01/02 implemented the new EU regulated transfer system, introduced in September 2001, and also featured a new attribute masking mode, whereby the player could only see information about footballers he/she would realistically know about (also known as a fog of war).

Other new additions included the ability to send players away for surgery, player notes, player comparisons, and improved media and board interaction.

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Playable leagues Edit

This edition of Championship Manager included about a hundred fully playable leagues in twenty-six countries, and patch 3.9.67 added South Korea's K-League, its first appearance in the CM series. The full list of playable leagues in CM01/02 is as follows:

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Many Internet communities are dedicated to CM 01/02, preferring it to the later editions, such as the Football Manager series and Championship Manager 2010. A high proportion of these websites are also dedicated to editing the game, attempting to make it more up to date and realistic, the largest and best known of these being, a site dedicated to "keeping the game alive". They offer, amongst other things, updates and patches to bring the game up-to-date with the reality of the modern game (squads, league structures, substitute rules, finances, team colours, federational changes etc.).

The CM0102 ODB style team (from the above website) have just released their superb September 2010 update. The details and download for this can be found here -

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On December 2008, Eidos Interactive made the game available for free download, and included a recommendation for users to download a users-created update patch.[1] While the download link appears broken on first inspection, a link to can be found in the official Championship Manager forum.


In 2001, presenters Ant & Dec, who hosted the popular Saturday morning show SMTV Live, left the show. On their last show, they received a letter (possibly from Eidos) and special edition copies of Championship Manager: Season 01/02 which saw Ant as a player for Newcastle with a contract of £50,000 a week with a value of £4.7m, and Dec as a player for Sunderland with a contract of £90 a week.

Fictional playersEdit

The first release of the game included a player named "Tó Madeira", a great striker no matter where he played. It was later revealed that Tó Madeira was not a real footballer, but in fact a fictional player created by a scout working for the game producers. Later releases of the game included more fictional players, such as the "Crazy Greeks" Alexandros Papadopoulos, Anastasios Skalidis and Nikolaos Tobros.

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