Carl "CJ" Johnson

Once living in Liberty City, Carl returns to his hometown in Los Santos after the death of his mother, Beverly. There, Carl is welcomed by Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski - a couple of corrupt cops. The officers escort Carl to an area controlled by Front Yard Ballas. The pair throw CJ from a moving police car and promise that they'll be in touch.

Shortly after his mothers funeral, Carl discovers that the rest of his family (and former gang, the Grove Street Families) are experiencing difficulty with some rivals. Carl finds himself dragged back into the street life he apparently once tried to leave behind. Carl manages to get out of the gang hood by the skin on his teeth, but only to find that he is being framed for 187 - LA Police dispatch for homicide. Realising that things aren't going be as swift as he first anticipated, Carl travels across the entire state of San Andreas to take control of the streets and save his family.

Carl Johnson is voiced by Chris "Young Maylay" Bellard, a young rapper hoping to capitalize on the success of GTA San Andreas.

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