This following are fictional game characters of the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise.



WadaDon is the main protagonist of the Taiko no Tatsujin series. His dream is to share the beauty of Taiko with the world. Three years have passed since he moved into the Wada House, and he's become quite popular around town. He has a monstrous appetite and sometimes has expensive shopping at the Wada House which may take over for the worst. He usually ends his sentences with "Ba-dum" in Japanese. He is usually known as "Don".


WadaKatsu is WadaDon's twin brother. He is every bit as rambunctious as his brother. Three years have passed since he moved into the Wada House. He only recently realized he's not the main character. He also eats like a hog, but he sometimes has a tendency to hold back more than his brother. He is usually known as "Katsu". Like his twin brother, he usually ends his sentences with "Ba-dum" in Japanese.


These are the very souls of Taiko. Upon entering two flawlessly designed Taiko drums, the Tamashi gave life to Don and Katsu. Without the Tamashi, Don and Katsu would be mere drums. various types of Tamashi exist. When Don and Katsu make a mistake in Taiko Mode, they exhale "Dispirited" Tamashis.

The Bachio Couple

The Bachio Couple is a pair of drumstick shaped-characters. They teach you how to play the Taiko in the "Tutorial" mode, and the male prides himself on his grace and agility. The female is actually quite big in the world of water treading.


The Wada household's kind and courteous dog. He loves to wear a hood. Inu risks his life performing death-defying balancing acts in the Reach the Helicopter! mini game. He usually appears in most releases.


Inu's younger brother, John is a festival dancer. He does what motivates him precisely to perform the stunts he does in the "Reach the Helicopter!".


The youngest son in the Wada household. At six years of age, he's already too much for anyone to handle. He attends a Taiko class, but often skips it to go to festivals. In the "Watermelon Eating Contest!" mini game, it almost seems he enjoys hitting the main characters.


The 75-year old grandfather of the Wada household. Retired from work, he spends most of his time looking after his grandson Tetsuo. He asked Unagi to take everyone to the beach so he could recover from back pains.


Hana lives next door to the Wada House. She is one year older than Tetsuo, and acts like his older sister. She became friends with the Wada family when they were talking about Ms. Mariko and Katsu at the beach.


Mimizu is WadaDon's pet worm. She sleeps in a flowerpot and does not have a tongue so she doesn't speak, but expresses her feelings with body language. She is an excellent advisor when it comes to romance. This veritable doctor of love single-handedly manages all of Donko and the Mariko quartet's relationship troubles.

Neko and Shaxy

Neko and Shaxy are like two peas in a pod. They're inseparable and share everything 50-50. Neko dislikes swimming, so they always stay at the beach hut. Neko is Hana's pet cat who lives next door to the Wada House. Shaxy is a ladle who was hailed from Miyajima. He was given to Hana as a souvenir. The Kanji letters for "Victory" are printed on the back.


This mysterious creature has a lantern on his head. He travels throughout the country, running a stand at various festivals across the land. He puts on a beautiful fireworks performance in the Fireworks Festival! mini game. He is a yet somewhat very dependable figure, Unagi takes everyone to the beach.

Donko (or Donko-chan)

The lovely maiden was brought to life at the same Taiko factory Don & Katsu came from, and later followed them into Tokyo. The bad news was the she took too long getting ready for this game, so she wasn't included in the intro, but was.


This turtle can be spotted a mile away by the apron he wears. He helps out in the mini game, "Fireworks Festival!" Kame greatly admires Unagi, who he calls "Bass". Some players think they mean "Boss" due to wrong spelling. He apparently has a female-like high-pitched voice.

Kabuki Kids

These kids wear a fox, man, and woman mask, but they're really three teddy bears. They are severely shy, these dancers never remove their masks. They recently decided to attempt more aggressive dances.


Ever since seeing how scrumptious the Takoyaki looked, these silly squid began worrying if they'll look just as appetizing as calamari. Skilled swimmers, the Ika have labeled themselves "Children of the Sea."

Dancing Lion

Chomping his teeth as he moves, the Dancing Lion performs hypnotic dances to the music. No one knows what sort of creature lies underneath the costume. A rival of the Kabuki Kids, the Dancing Lion in continuously striving to improve his dances.


Although he has an intimidating appearance, Namahage is actually a good person at heart. No one knows what sort of creature lies underneath the costume. It's also unclear exactly how good a person he is too...


These bells chime off prayers of thanks at shrines. They've been a part of Unagi's family for as long as they can remember. There are two colors: Yellow and Metal Green.


The 10 brothers were hailed from Osaka. They apparently enjoy being pricked with toothpicks. There were originally 11 brothers total, but the only one was never verified or identified.

The 4 festival chicks

Unagi constantly hollers, "Don't dirty your colors!" but he takes good care of them. The chicks colors are green, blue, pink, and yellow.


These goldfish are from a goldfish-scooping game stall. They swim around excitedly even after being scooped up. All of them are exstatic over their spot in the limelight this season.


These lanterns light up the streets and booths at festivals. Their faces may not show any emotions, but these lanterns are very diligent workers. Unagi constantly says, "It isn't enough just to provide light!" but takes good care of them as well.

The Mariko Quartet

Four colored water balloons (pink, yellow, green, and blue) that are all female. Their tear-filled smile is adorable. They became friends with Hana at the beach. One of them apparently has a crush on Katsu.

The Cotton Candy Quadruplets

Four colored cotton candy kids. They are pink, yellow, green, and blue.


MechaDon is a robot taiko manufactured in Japan. He is quite evil and can be found as an auto player in every Taiko no Tatsujin game.


MechaKatsu is MechaDon's twin brother. Like him, he may be sinister and is an auto player in every Taiko no Tatsujin game.


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