Joseph Stalin

Appearances: Red Alert


Joseph Stalin is the communist dictator who tries to take over Europe. After Hitler was eliminated by Einstein's time machine, Stalin leads the Soviet Union against the European nations to complete the Soviet manifest destiny by invading the free countries of Western Europe. When the Allies attacked Moscow, Stalin was crushed by rubble and injured and was unable to move. General Nikos Stavros then places a cloth in his mouth and a piece of concrete over his head, thus killing him. In the alternate ending, Stalin is poisioned by Nadia when she offers him tea.

Stalin is played by Gene Dynarski.


Appearances: Red Alert


Nadia Zelenkov is the director of the Soviet NKVD and aide to Stalin. A ruthless and calculating woman, Nadia rose through the ranks of the Soviet Union to become Stalin's personal aide and lover. She is in charge of the NKVD and is an efficient killer, preferring a tea of her own making as her killing tool. Her membership in the Brotherhood of Nod could have contributed to her career, as she answers directly to Kane.

Nadia is played by Andrea C. Robinson.

Field Marshal Gradenko

Appearances: Red Alert


Radik Gradenko is the commander of the Russian Secret Police. Gradenko is an aide to Joseph Stalin and the man responsible for much of the USSR's internal security schemes. Gradenko goes as far to prove his loyalty as to sign the death warrants of Soviet generals who Stalin claims were plotting to assassinate him. Eventually, he is executed as a traitor by Nadia, who poisons his tea. He is replaced in his role by Georgi Kukov, who was later also executed.

Gradenko is played by Alan Terry.

General Georgi Kukov

Appearances: Red Alert


Georgi Kukov is a military officer, firmly believing in the might of the Soviet army and his tactical ingenuity. General Kukov is based on the Soviet military character Georgy Zhukov of the Soviet union. After capturing the city of Berlin Kukov was promoted to general.He participated in the conspiracy against Field Marshal Gradenko, and Joseph Stalin made him his main advisor.

Kukov is played by Craig Cavanah

Major Vladimir Kosygin

Appearances: Red Alert


Kosygin is one of Stalin's top atomic strategists who is stationed in the Riga compound. Kosygin wishes to defect Stalins plans of building atomic weapons and is extracted by the Allies from the Soviet compound. He later tells the Allies the location of Stalin's main atomic weapons plant where Allied troops enters and disable the atomic missiles.


Appearances: Red Alert


In Red Alert, Kane acts as one of Stalins information officers. He later kills Nadia with a pistol and gives an introduction about the Brotherhood of Nod.

Kane is played by Joseph D. Kucan

General Topolov

Appearances: Red Alert Retaliation

General topolov REDALERT1

General Topolov appointed to the People's Revolutionary Council.

Topolov is played by Alan Charof

Alexander Romanov

Appearances: Red Alert 2

Premier Romanov was picked by American intelligence operations as the perfect puppet dictator, to be the head of state of the Soviet Union it's defeat in the invasion of Europe. As head of state of the Soviet Union, Romanov disconnected form contacts with Allied nations and began to rebuild the Soviet warmachine. He later invades the United States and through Mexico and the Atlantic ask the US to surrender and join the great Soviet Revolution. Premier Romanov is played by Nicholas Worth.


CNC Yuri

Appearances: Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge

Yuri was a member of a group of telepaths gathered by Joseph Stalin. The group underwent training that allowed each member to engage in mind control, and was used by Stalin to achieve political goals. Yuri later acted as Romanov's chief advisor. He is a powerful telepath and can mind control people and many of the units in the game. Yuri is played by Udo Kier.

Lieutenant Zofia

Appearances: Red Alert 2

Lieutenant Zofia by Aleksandra Kaniak.

General Vladimir

Appearances: Red Alert 2

General Vladimir is played by Adam Greggor.

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