Charlotte's Web is a video game of the 2006 film developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by THQ and Sega, was released on December 12, 2006 for the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and PC. The game got a decent review of 6 out of 10 by Nintendo Power. It explained that the game was cute but too short.

The PC version of the game is called "Charlotte's Web: Wilbur and Friends", and features nine mini-games based around the characters from the film. It is a title designed for young children, ages 4–7.

The DS and GBA games, both simply titled "Charlotte's Web", are action-platform titles. There are several mini-games in each; the DS version supports a 'Nintendogs' style pet simulator, which kicks in during every mid-level save point.

Both titles feature the voice of Dominic Scott Kay, the actor playing Wilbur in the motion picture.

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