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Chess Mates is a computer software program, released in 1996, designed to teach the basics of Chess. Combining humor and cartoon animation, it was marketed as an easy way for children to learn the building blocks of becoming a successful chess player.


Chess Mates was developed by Stepping Stone (a division of Presage Software, Inc.) and published by Brainstorm (Division). It was released for Windows in 1996 and Macintosh in 1997.


Although relatively few copies were released, the game has received favorable reviews. Often cited are the game's appealing graphics, sense of humor, and effective teaching of the various aspects of Chess.[1][2][3][4]


This game is for Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh. It is not compatible with later versions of Windows, however newer Macs with the Application Classic (Mac OS X) are still able to run the game through the application. Technical support for Windows compatibility can be found on the Interplay website.[5]


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