Chris Taylor’s Kings and Castles is a real-time strategy(RTS) video game currently in development by Gas Powered Games. It represents a brand new intellectual property for Gas Powered Games. Development of the game was announced on 15 February 2010 via press release and on the Kings and Castles video blog.


According to Gas Powered Games’ presentations on the game, the plot of the single-player campaign will be woven across three separate kings/kingdoms into one overarching storyline. Specific plot details are as of yet unavailable.[2]

Marketing and development

Unlike prior Gas Powered Games titles, the game is being extensively marketed via a variety of social media channels, including an official video blog, company Facebook page, game Facebook page, and official Twitter account (@GasTalk).[3] Gas Powered Games CEO Chris Taylor has promoted the game and provided details through interviews and industry events.[4][5]


Although specific gameplay details are few, the game represents a departure from Gas Powered Games prior RTS series, Supreme Commander, given a new setting in a fantasy universe.[4]

According to the company’s announcement press release, “Kings and Castles will utilize the state-of-the-art RTS technology that Gas Powered Games has pioneered with its previous titles. Key features include the ability to zoom to any level, incredible maps, and eye-popping visuals that will run on a wide range of systems.”[6]


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