Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2

Although the Citadel is equipped with mass-effect-generating element-zero cores, most of the gravity on the station is generated by the centrifugal force of rotation.

  • Rotation: 3.5 minutes per revolution
  • Rotational Gravity in Wards: 1.02 Earth
  • Rotational Gravity in Presidium: 0.3 Earth
  • Total Length (Open): 44.7 km
  • Diameter (Open): 12.8 km
  • Ward Length: 43.6 km
  • Ward Width: 330 m
  • Presidium Ring Diameter: 7.2 km
  • Presidium Ring Width: 553 m
  • Exterior Armor Thickness: 13m
  • Population: 13.2 million (not including keepers)
  • Gross Weight: 7.11 billion metric tons
  • Height of the Presidium Tower: 1047 m

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