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City of Wonder is a web browser game, produced by Playdom, available to all members of Facebook. Much of it is based on the Civilization series but there are elements of Travian and other games, as well as gifting and other features that make use of a player's "friendships", features found in many Facebook games,.


Stone Age

Pottery, Domestication, The Wheel, Militia, Mysticism, Writing, Agriculture, Age of Alchemy

Bronze Age

Masonry, Craftsmanship, Horse Riding, Trade, Bronze Work, Leadership, Religion, Mathematics, Literature, Map Making, Irrigation, Fermentation.

Classical Age

Construction, Art, Cavalry, Currency, Iron Working, Weaponry, Feudalism, Law, Theology, University, Drama, Navigation, Steam Power.

Enlightened Age

Engineering, Tactics, Wealth, Economics, Machinery, Gun Powder, Government, Police, Printing, Science, Music, Exploration.

Industrial Age

Mobile Infantry, Corporations, Manufacturing, Combustion, Explosives, Diplomacy, Mass Media, Medicine, Electricity, Flight.

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