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ClockStone Software is an Austrian video game developer founded in 2006. They specialize in the independent development of video games and 3D multimedia applications. They also provide numerous other IT-related products. They have created games for Microsoft Windows, XBox 360 and the Nintendo DS. They also provide web design and web programming services as well as web content management.[1]


ClockStone Software is currently licensed to produce games for PC (Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7), Microsoft XBox 360, and Nintendo DS/DSi.

Full list of ClockStone Games

Windows Games

XBox 360

Nintendo DS

  • Chess DS
  • Bridge DS
  • Mahjong DS

Game Engine

ClockStone Software has developed a high performance real time 3D game engine that has been continuously enhanced with other technology (e.g. Havok physics engine, unified shaders, Multi-platform extensions, etc.) to "meet the ever-growing technological standard of today’s video games".[3]


ClockStone has produced fully 3D-rendered video scenes. They have also produced special 2.5D-techniques in combination with high-quality hand-drawings. In in some cases they have also worked on real footage videos. Common projects include game titles and introductions.[4]


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