Cocoron (ココロン Kokoron) is a platform game developed by K2 and published by Takeru for the Famicom in 1991.


At night, a strange animal-like being, Tapir, enters in a kid's house, asking him to help rescuing Princess Lua. Tapir takes the kid to the dream world, and gives him the power to become a hero and venture in the world in search for the princess. Upon defeating the five bosses, he learns from Cocorin that the princess is trapped in a large egg somewhere in the dream world.

Upon finding Princess Lua, she reveals that Tapir is actually a baku, a dream eater that created the dream world to eat the imagination of the kid he brought. To rescue the beings from the dream world and himself, the kid must defeat Tapir. After rescuing Cocoron, the heroic kid defeats the dream eater. Tapir is sealed inside an egg and Cocoron sends the kid back to his house.


Main characters

  • Kid - The protagonist, an unnamed kid that Tapir brought to the dream world to rescue Princess Lua. In the dream world, Tapir gives the kid the ability to become a hero created with his imagination. Later five heroes (which also are the kid) join him.
  • Tapir (テイパー Teipā) - A magical being from the dream world that can make any dream come true. Tapir guides the player during the adventure.
  • Princess Lua (ルーア姫 Rūa Hime) - The princess of the dream world, who was kidnapped by evil forces. After defeating the five bosses, Cocorin informs the player that she is trapped in an egg somewhere between the stages.
  • Cocoron (ココロン) - The titular character, a fairy from the dream world that was kidnapped by the evil forces. She is rescued in the final stages.
  • Cocorin (ココリン) - Cocoron's younger sister. She was trapped in the Fairy Forest and later replaces Tapir in assisting the player.

Playable characters

The player's characters are created by combining Faces, Bodies, and Arms. Each part has a Weight value that influences movement speed and jump height. Faces and Bodies also affect the maximum Life Points, while Arms determine the Attack Power. After selecting the parts, the player can name the character and test him.

The player starts with one character, but when one of the five bosses is defeated, a new character can be made. Faces can Bodies can't be reused (unless it has a different visual), but Arms can be given to any amount of characters. When Princess Lua is rescued, the player's characters will be kidnapped by the final boss, except for the one currently in use. They are rescued one by one in the final stages, becoming available again.


Faces are the character's head. While they have no special effect on their own, they affect what the Super Item will do when it is taken by the player. Each Face has three different visuals, giving the player a total of 24 Faces.

FaceWeightLife PointsSuper Item effect
ヒーロー (Hero)15612Attack power temporarily increases
ニンジャ (Ninja)1128Temporary invincibility
ロボット (Robot)28916Life is fully recovered
エイリアン (Alien)2004Won't slip on any terrain for a limited time
ファイター (Fighter)33316Temporary invincibility
モンスター (Monster)24512Attack power temporarily increases
ゴースト (Ghost)678Can fly for a limited time
?234Randomly activates the effect of other Face


Bodies affects mobility. Each Body has two different visuals, resulting in a total of 16 Bodies.

BodyWeightLife PointsDetails
アーマー (Armor)43324Has the highest Life Points, but low mobility
ウイング (Wing)1018Can stay in the air for a while by holding the jump button
ジェット (Jet)49916Can stay in the air for a while by holding the jump button
サイボーグ (Cyborg)30120A balanced body with good Life Points
ボート (Boat)23412Moves on water without sinking, but is unable to go underwater
バギー (Buggy)16716A balanced body with good mobility
タンク (Tank)36720Doesn't slip on slopes
?344The lightest Body, which greatly improves mobility, but in exchange has the lowest Life Points


The character's attack.

ArmsWeightAttack PointsDetails
パラソル (Parasol)713 Moves forward a short distance, then moves upward in an arc. Up to two can be present on the screen at the same time.
ブーメラン (Boomerang)934 Moves forward a short distance and returns to the position it was thrown. Up to two can be present on the screen.
シュリケン (Shuriken)1416 Is thrown straight ahead and is able to pass by walls. Up to two can be present on the screen. When powered up it also throws shurikens backwards, and fully upgraded makes each use throw shurikens forward, backward and upward.
ボール (Ball)474 Is thrown straight ahead. Can't pass by walls. Up to two can be present on the screen.
ペンシル (Pencil)253 Throws sharp pencils straight ahead. Up to two can be present on the screen. When powered up the pencils become wider.
クリスタル (Crystal)1673 Throws a gemstone in an arc a short distance ahead. When it hits, the gem splits in two parts, each flying diagonally up.
フラワー (Flower)1163 Throws a seed in an arc a short distance ahead. When it hits, the seed explodes into flowers.
メロディ (Melody)113 Releases musical notes that move forward in an oscillating way. Up to two notes can be present on the screen.


  • Harvest Moon (ハーベストムーン) - The boss of Starry Hill (ほしふるおか), a full moon with a face. The Harvest Moon was tricked to fight the player with the promise of becoming the brightest star in the sky as a reward for defeating him.
  • Silver Dragon (シルバードラゴン) - The boss of Shaved Ice Mountain (かきごおりのやま), a dragon with a freezing breath that captured Santa Claus. He appears as a giant ice dragon, but as it takes damage, its body breaks and is revealed to be a small dragon. When defeated, Santa makes the dragon pull his sleigh in the next Christmas as punishment for its behavior.
  • Joker (ジョーカー) - The boss of Trump Castle (トランプのしろ), a diabolical being who trapped the castle's King in a card. Joker sends playing cards to attack the player, and when it reaches the King, Joker himself appears.
  • Pirate Flint (海賊フリント) - The boss of Milk Sea (ミルクのうみ), a pirate captain. He fights by throwing pirates, anchors, barrels, and cannons from his ship. When defeated, he laments the loss of his ship and hints that someone was kidnapped and taken to the Fairy Forest, but he isn't sure if that's Princess Lua.
  • Fairy Titania (妖精ティタニア) - The boss of Fairy Forest (ようせいのもり), a fairy queen who believes she is the most beautiful fairy that exists. She attacks with light projectiles that rise from the ground. Cocorin is freed after her defeat.

PC Cocoron

PC Cocoron is a cancelled port or sequel of Cocoron planned to be released for PC-Engine in 1994, the same year Takeru went out of business. The gameplay appears to be similar to the original, but with updated graphics and different playable characters.

HeadBodyBody effects
KnightArmorHas a shield that reflects projectiles
BirdWingCan stay in the air for a while
NinjaSpikeHas spikes on the feet, allowing to damage enemies by jumping on them
HeroJetCan stay in the air for a while
RobotRobotImmune to spikes
SlimeSlimeIsn't affected by slippery surfaces like ice and slopes
MarineMarineCan swim underwater
CyberKnightBalanced body with no special attributes

Most Arms are the same from the original version, except that Flower and Melody are replaced by Soap and Paper Airplane. The Paper Plane appears to act the same as Melody, but Soap supposedly falls and slides in the floor. Shuriken was upgraded, being able to be thrown up and down.

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