Codename: Panzers - Cold War is a real-time strategy video game developed by InnoGlow and published by Atari. It was previously developed by Stormregion software, to be published by 10tacle, before both companies went bankrupt in 2008.

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The storyline starts in 1949, and follows an alternate history, with the timeline diverging into a war between the Soviets and the West. Following the defeat of the Nazis, Germany has been partitioned into Soviet and Allied zones of control, with the Soviets building up their military presence in readiness for a new war. During the Berlin airlift, a Soviet fighter collides with a US cargo plane, USSR 5 and 6 Division attack West Germany, and the next day Berlin becomes a savage battlefield between the two Superpowers. In the single player campaign, players play on the NATO side of the conflict, occasionally swithcing sides to help the Soviets.[1] The storyline is said to involve characters from the two previous Codename: Panzers titles.

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Codename: Panzers Cold War is a Real-time strategy similar to previous Codename: Panzers games, except that it is set in the first days of the Cold War and features a brand new graphics engine. The game has futuristic elements, with some of the technology present in the game surpassing that which was available at the time of the Berlin airlift. The game features powerful squad leaders and upgradeable units, buildings that can be destroyed or occupied to gain an advantage, a detailed physics engine and weather system.

The single player component of the game is a campaign with 18 missions, while the title also ships with over 20 multiplayer maps. Co-operative play is supported, along with team deathmatches and a "domination" mode. The game will also feature famous war machines like the famous Soviet Mi-6 which is known as the world's biggest helicopter, the first jet MiG fighter MiG-15 and its US counterpart F-86 Sabre, a few famous tanks for that time like the T-62, IS-10, T-54/55, M48 Patton, M-26 Pershing and other armored units.

The gameplay of Codename: Panzers Cold War will share several features with previous iterations of the franchise. Units will require a constant stream of munitions to function, and the interface will be familiar to players of the previous titles in the series.

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