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The Color TV Game consoles were Nintendo's first home consoles released between 1977 and 1979.


It was released in 1977, including both the Nintendo Color TV Game 6 and Nintendo Color TV Game 15.

It was succeeded by the Nintendo Color TV Racing 112, with a racing wheel controller and gear stick, in 1978. It was the first video game product designed by Shigeru Miyamoto.[2] It featured vertical scrolling graphics, similar to the Speed Race series of arcade games.

The three above consoles were produced in collaboration with Mitsubishi. The first console produced entirely by Nintendo was the Nintendo Color TV Game Block Kuzushi, released in 1979, also designed by Shigeru Miyamoto.[2]

The above four Color TV Game consoles sold 3 million units in Japan.[1] Nintendo's final Color TV Game system was Othello in 1979, the series eventually being succeeded by the Famicom in 1983.

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