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Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord is a turn-based computer tactical wargame simulating tactical land battles in World War II. It is part of the Combat Mission series. The game was named the best turn-based strategy game by PC Gamer in their seventh annual awards issue.[1]


CM:BO was very well received; currently gives it a rating of 88% based on 16 reviews, and reports that its rank in 2000 PC rank was "13". PC Gameworld gave it a 98 out of 100 rating.[2] GameSpot named it an "Editor's Choice" and noted that "It's sure to appeal to anyone interested in serious military simulations, but even those just looking for a good World War II computer game should find that it has a lot to offer." [3]

Demo scenarios

Three playable public demo scenarios were offered by at various times. A Beta Demo was released first in October 1999. A Gold Demo was released later, and because the file format changed, two new scenarios were included on it that were not compatible with the earlier Beta version. Neither demo included access to the mission editor, but did permit solo, hotseat, or email play.

Last Defense

Last Defense was included with the original beta demo.


Riesberg was included with the original beta demo.

Chance Encounter

This scenario was originally released as an add-on for the beta demo, at Christmas 1999. It was later also released as part of the Gold Demo. It depicted a meeting engagement late in the war between an American rifle company supported by Sherman tanks, and a German rifle company supported by assault guns. The terrain depicted a rural crossroads overlooked by a forested hill. Chance Encounter has remained a popular scenario and versions of this battle have been recreated by third parties in Combat Mission: Afrika Korps and even Combat Mission: Shock Force.

Valley of Trouble

Valley of Trouble was a new scenario for the Gold Demo that depicted an American assault through a fortified valley.


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