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Combat Mission II: Barbarossa to Berlin is a turn-based computer game about tactical battles in World War II. It is part of the Combat Mission series.


Barbarossa to Berlin is both a complement to the earlier Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, in that it presented a different theatre of war, as well as a sequel, by way of improving game features and adding new ones. The playable nations are: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Romania (pre- and post- defection), Hungary, Finland, Poland (under Soviet command) and Italy.

In order to conform to German law, depictions of the swastika were removed. Additionally, all Waffen SS units were renamed "Waffen Grenadier".


A playable public demo is offered by The demo did not include access to the mission editor, but did permit solo, hotseat, email or TCP/IP play of two pre-made scenarios.

Alternate titles

The game was originally released as Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin; it was known in Europe as Combat Mission 2.

A Special Edition, known as Combat Mission II: Barbarossa to Berlin (Special Edition) was released with a "bonus disc" which included graphic mods and additional scenarios collected from designers within the CM community.

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