Director: Joseph D. Kucan

Story: Eydie Laramore

Music: Frank Klepacki

Cinematography: Eric Gooch

Film Editing: Eric Gooch

Film Editing: Felix Kupis

Executive Producer: Brett W. Sperry

Producer: Ed Del Castillo

Concept: Joe Bostic, Eydie Laramore, Brett W. Sperry

Lead Programmer: Steve Tall,Phil Gorrow

Programmers: Joe Bostic, Bill Randolph, Jeff Brown, Barry Green, Denzil E. Long Jr., David R. Dettmer,Maria Del Mar McCready

Technical Direction: Steve Wetherill, Eric Wang

Lead Designer: Erik Yeo

Lead Artist: Aaron Powell, Matthew Hansel

Artist Chris Demers, Joseph Hewitt IV, Damon Redmond, Shelly Josnson, Jack Martin, Cameron Chun, Nick Desomov, Ren Olson, Bhavin Patel

Video and Film: Felix Kupis, Eric Gooch

Casting and Direction: Joseph Kucan

Grip and Prop Master: Paul Bastardo

Screenplay: Ron Smith

Audio Direction: Paul S. Mudra

Soundtrack: Frank Klepacki

Sound Effects: Dwight K. Okahara


Cast- General Sheppard Eric Martin

Cast- Kane Joseph Kucan

Cast- Carter Bill Collins

Cast- Seth Eric Gooch

Cast- Morelli Wendy Bagger

Cast- Dr. Mobius Richard Smith

Cast- Greg Burdette Eric Randall

Cast- Science Show Host R.C. Favero

Cast- Female Reporter Marcia Swayze

Cast- GDI Soldier #1 Aaron Powell

Cast- GDI Soldier #2 Michael Lightner

Cast- Nod Soldier #1 Bhavin Patel

Cast- Nod Soldier #2 Ed Del Castillo

Cast- Nod Soldier #3 Paul Bastardo

Cast- Nod Soldier #4 Chris Rubyor

Cast- Nod Panicked Soldier Ian Pugh

Cast- Nod Cyberspace Soldiers Ed Del Castillo

Cast- Nod Cyberspace Soldiers Frank Klepacki

Cast- Nod Cyberspace Soldiers Ian Pugh

Cast- Nod Communications Officer Ted Morris

Cast- Voice of Eva Kia Huntzinger

Cast- Voice of Yelling Interrogator Jeff Fillhaber

Cast- Voice of In-Game Infantry Paul Mudra

Cast- Voice of In-Game Infantry Rob Sandberg

Cast- Voice of In-Game Vehicle Personnel Elie Arabian

Cast- Voice of In-Game Vehicle Personnel Dwight Okahara

Cast- Other Voices Jason Buchanan

Cast- Other Voices Elsbeth Wetherill

Cast- Other Voices Frank Klepacki

Cast- Other Voices Clifford Davis

Cast- Other Voices Rick Gush

Cast- Other Voices Penina Finger

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