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Military & Economy

Being technologically disadvantaged, the GLA has comparatively weak (though highly mobile) ground vehicles and no air force, prompting the use of guerrilla tactics such as mining, suicide bombing, hijacking, and ambushing.

The GLA has a larger array of infantry types and vehicles to make up for this disadvantage, and has the widest range of stealth options. The GLA also has a very powerful economy, with various resource-gathering techniques such as salvaging wreckage, gaining cash bounties on destroyed enemy units, and building multiple "black market" structures to bring in large amounts of money over time. Also, the GLA are unique in that they have no energy requirement for any of their structures or units. The GLA's upgrades make it more powerful when fully equipped, transforming a relatively weak group of units into a more respectable threat. The GLA is also unique in that its structures, particularly base defenses, rebuild themselves over time unless completely destroyed; this makes it difficult to permanently damage the GLA with many single-shot weapons or units.

The GLA's toxic weapons, suicide units, and stealth and surprise abilities enable it to hit enemies from unexpected directions, and its powerful economy, combined with cheap, fast units, enables it to flood opponents with sheer numbers. The GLA's primary disadvantage is that, in terms of firepower, range, and durability, its units are outmatched by Chinese and American units, and it has a complete lack of air power. This forces a GLA player to outmaneuver or outnumber opponents, as in an even, direct confrontation the GLA will lose to superior Chinese firepower and American technology.

Toxin General

Dr thrax

Name: Dr. Thrax

Side: GLA-allied

Rank: Unknown

Cell: Unknown

ID Number: Unknown

Homeland: Unknown

Tactical Overview: Biological and chemical weapons

Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

Background: Little is known about the GLA associate codenamed, "Dr. Thrax." While background intelligence indicates that he received training as an immunologist in Jordan, he left academics in 1995 and disappeared into a GLA-controlled ghetto in Cairo. For the past twenty years, he has produced chemical and biological weapons for terrorist organizations across the globe, including the GLA. Recent eavesdropping on cell phone traffic indicates that Dr. Thrax has become more involved in day-to-day operations of the GLA. He has scattered labs across Asia and the Middle East, where low-cost WMDs are produced and distributed to local terrorist cells. A cautious and scientific personality, Dr. Thrax never sleeps in the same bed two nights in a row and undergoes frequent cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance.

Demolition General

Rodall juhziz

Name: General Rodall "Demo" Juhziz

Side: GLA

Rank: Unknown

Cell: Scorpion

ID Number: Unknown

Homeland: Unknown

Tactical Overview: Explosives

Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

Background: This bombmaker of Middle Eastern ancestry is responsible for some of the most devastating terrorist attacks of the twenty-first century. General Juhziz and his organization have been tied to both the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo and the sinking of the USS Nelsen in 2012. Such bold strikes have drawn more supporters to his side, including bombers from many nations willing to sacrifice their lives for the causes of the GLA. General Juhziz lost the use of a hand in a bombmaking accident and rarely speaks to anyone outside of his own organization.

Stealth General

Prince kassad

Name: Prince Kassad

Side: GLA

Rank: Unknown

Cell: Cobra

ID Number: Unknown

Homeland: Tripoli, Libya

Tactical Overview: Camouflage

Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

Background: Prince Kassad has cut a dashing figure across Middle Eastern politics and a violent one in the underworld. This charismatic tribal leader has organized spies and assassins across North Africa to do his bidding. Prince Kassad has been paid millions for assassinations, hijackings, and beatings in the street. For a three-year stretch beginning in 2008, it is believed that no terrorist action was taken on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea without his involvement or blessing. A clever administrator of a serpentine organization, he has never been directly tied to any criminal activity, yet bad things continue to happen to individuals and forces that stand in his way.

Boss General

Mohmar deathstrike

Name: General Mohmar Deathstrike

Side: GLA

Rank: Not Applicable

Branch: GLA Usurper

ID Number: Unknown

Homeland: Unknown

Tactics: Diverse Resourceful Ingenuity

Availability: Not available, only through Mods, Mission one of Zero Hour

Background: The powerful leader of the Global Liberation Army, who uses the best of the GLA's forces. He rises as the new leader that brings unity to the GLA.

Concept Art

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