Land Vehicles

Radar Van


GLA's radar is in the form of a unit. The radar van can move around the battlefield and detect stealth units that are in its range. In addition, it can be upgraded to have radar scan to be able to scan a specified area of the map every 30 seconds. If the only radar van on the field goes into a tunnel network or is destroyed, GLA will lose the minimap radar display.



The technical is GLA's transport vehicle. It can carry up to five infantry and is also armed with a light anti-infantry gun. The technical can pick up scraps to improve its gun to a tank shell and then into a rocket.

When technical is destroyed, all boarding infantry emerge unscaved.

Scorpion Tank


The main battle tank of the GLA. It is weaker than its USA and China counterparts, but makes up for its weakness in speed and in masses. The scorpion tank can be upgraded to fire a scorpion rocket and also to have toxin coated shells. The scorpion tank can also gain a stronger turret and two rockets by picking up two scraps.

Rocket Buggy


The rocket buggy is another hit and run vehicle of the GLA. It has light armor and high speed and delivers a long range attack of six rockets at the enemy. It can be upgraded to fire twice as much each run by upgrading buggy ammo.

Toxin Tractor


GLA's toxin tractor is very effective against infantry. It is capable of clearing garrisoned buildings except for palaces and Chinese bunkers and can also spray anthrax around itself to intoxicate the field as well. Its toxin sprayer can also be upgraded by picking up scraps.

Bomb Truck


The bomb truck is a suicide unit that delivers high damage to the enemy. It can disguise itself as any vehicle; as one of your own or an enemy's. The truck can also be upgraded to have high explosive bombs or anthrax bombs or have both in it for more damage.

Quad Cannon


The quad cannon is an old soviet-era vehicle. It is primarily used as anti-air and anti-infantry. Picking up scraps and upgrading to armor piercing bullets improve its firepower.

SCUD Launcher


The scud launcher is the GLA artillery unit. It fires a long range scud missile that can be shot out with enough anti-air fire. There is a choice between choosing to fire a high-explosive warhead or an anthrax warhead. The scud launcher is slow and low in armor and is vulnerable to enemy attacks. In Zero hour, the Toxin General only has anthrax warheads and the Demo General only has high explosive warheads. The SCUD Launcher can also shoot further if it pick up scrapped parts.

Scuds from the scud launcher can be shot down by enemy anti-air.

Marauder Tank


The marauder tank requires a generals point in order to gain the ability to construct it. It is well-armored and can pick up scraps to improve its firepower further.

Combat Cycle

Cost:$200 A man on a motorcycle. The infantry riding on it can be switched, but if you choose to just evacuate the infantry, the bike will fall to the ground and be destroyed. These combat cycles are fast and capable of jumping cliffs and attacking enemy bases speedily and from the rear.

Note - Combat Cycles and Demobikes are not allowed in the online - "pro" rule set.

Battle Bus


The battle bus is another infantry transport for GLA. It can carry up to five infantry and allows them to fire out of the windows. Picking up scraps improve the armor for the battle bus. When the unit is destroyed, it becomes immobile and acts as a bunker on the battlefield until vacated or destroyed.


GLA's only aircraft is the plane that delivers the anthrax bomb.

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