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Command & Conquer: Red Alert is an iconic game developed by Westwood Studios and published by Virgin Interactive, and later by Electronic Arts. The game also enjoyed several expansion packs, such as Counter-Strike, The Aftermath and Retaliation.


Albert Einstein, having invented time travel, goes back in time to erase Hitler from the course of history to save the world from World War II, inadvertently creating an alternate timeline where the Soviets fill the power vacuum. Now only the collected Allied forces, with the help of Special Agent Tanya, can stop the Soviet onslaught.

The Secret Ant Missions

To access the hidden giant ant missions, hold down the left Shift key on your keyboard, and then right-click on the speaker above and to the right of the Options menu. Counterstrike CD is required.

Ant mission access

click the area circled

The extremely powerful Giant Ants were seen shortly after the Great World War II. The giant ants were the result of radiation-induced mutation, which caused regular ants to grow in size, possibly because of an old and leaky nuclear reactor. Furthermore, the bones of the giant ant - particularly the leg bones, were considerably strengthened to take the massive weight of the giant ant, and they were hollow as well. The bone structure of the giant ant was both extremely strong and for lightweight for its size. The Giant Ants had multiple underground lairs, which were all connected to a Soviet underground base that was their main nest, where the Ant Queen was located.

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