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Construction Yard

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $2500
The construction yard is the building required to construct all other base buildings.

Power Plant

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $300
The Power Plant Provides power to all base structure and defenses.

Advance Power Plant

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $500
Provides more power to the base, used to power later, more advanced structures.

Ore Refinery

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $2000

This is where the ore trucks unload or for processing and converting into cash. Stores up to $2000 of ore.


  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $150
Stores up to $1000 extra ore reserves. If destroyed or captured, the amount is deducted from your credits.

Soviet Barracks

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $300
Trains soviet infantry. The more barracks built, the faster the build rate.

Allied Barracks

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $300
Trains allied infantry. The more barracks built, the faster the build rate.


  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $200
Trains attack dogs that can be used to attack infantry or detect spies.

War Factory

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $2000
Allows both teams to builds vehicles. The more built, the faster vehicles are constructed.

Service Depot

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $1200
Repairs damaged vehicles at a fraction of its cost, and also reloads mine layers parked on it.


  • Owner: Allies,Soviets
  • Cost: $1500
Used to produce and reload helicopters. When built the helipad comes with a free helicopter.

Air Field

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $600
Allows building and use of planes. The mig and yak attack planes are built here. It also provides spy plane and paratroopers.

Naval Yard

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $650
Builds naval ships and transports for the allies. Also repairs docked naval units.

Sub Pen

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $650
The sub pen allows the submarines and transports to be built. It also repairs docked naval units.
If an enemy managed to infiltrate a sub pen, he can use the Sonar Pulse ability. This allows the player to see all enemy submarines submerged in the water.

Radar Dome

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $1000
Provides radar display to the player, opens up in a minimap.

Soviet's Technology Center

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $1500
Provides advanced technology of buildings and units for the soviets such as iron curtain and flamethrowers.

Allies' Technology Center

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $1500
Provides advance units and structures for the allies such as the chronospehere, cruiser, and spy. Also starts a launch of a gps satellite.
GPS Satellite: reveals all the shroud on the map. If the technology center is destroyed, the map is lost.

Fake Structures

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: Varies
Fake structures are all cheaper than the original, and are much weaker, but are used to deceive the enemy.

Gap Generator

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $500
Shrouds the area around where it is built. If enemy removes the shroud, it re-creates it when the unit leaves or is destroyed.


  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $600
Anti-tank defense of the allies, but cannot battle soviet tanks all alone.

Pill Box

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $400
The pillbox is an anti-infantry defense that eliminates infantry effectively.

Camo PillBox

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $600
A stronger, more armored and camouflagued pillbox that has a color that matches the terrain.

Flame Tower

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $600
Anti-infantry defense that melts infantry with a fireball. It is also effective on light vehicles.

Tesla Coil

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $1500
Anti-infantry and anti-tank defense that shoots a bolt of electricity to zap infantry and tanks to their deaths. Based off the invention of the serbian electrician Nikola Tesla.

AA Gun

  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $600
An anti-air defense with short range, but good accuracy and high rate of fire.

SAM Site

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $750
Launches surface to air missiles at enemy aircraft over long ranges.


Barbed wire

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $25
Barbed wires are crushable barriers that only stop infantry and light vehicles. It is also easily destroyed by grenades or tanks.


  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $25
Same as the barbed wire, the sandbag can be crushed or destroyed and only stops infantry and light vehicles.


  • Owner: Allies,Soviets
  • Cost: $100
Concrete walls effectively stop infantry and vehicles, and is harder to destroy. These walls are able to stop tank shells.

Iron Curtain

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $2800
The Iron Curtain is the soviet superweapon that provides invulnerability. This weapon is based off of the Iron Curtian plan to preserve communism.
Invulnerability allows one vehicle to be put under the iron curtain and is invincible during the time it is still pink.


  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $2800

The allied superweapon that gives the ability to chronoshift.

Chronoshift allows one vehicle to be transported across time to a designated location. There are side effects on over use and on using on specific units. Infantry cannot be transported, even if they are located inside an APC.

Missile Silo

  • Owner: Allies(Multiplayer Only), Soviets
  • Cost: $2500
The Missile silo is the structure that deploys the A-bomb.
Atomic Bomb is a destructive superweapon that kills all infantry, and damages and destroys vehicle and buildings in the designated area. A direct hit can destroy power plants, but stronger buildings are merely damaged by it.
It is not built in-game during the missions.

Command Center

  • Owner: Soviets(Singleplayer Only)
  • Cost: Not Buildable
The Command Center is a structure found only in Soviet missions. Most of the time, you cannot let this be destroyed or you fail the mission.

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