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These are Infantry from the real time strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Rifle Infantry

RA1 E1
  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $100
Armed with an M-16 (Allied) or AK-47 (Soviet), This unit is basic infantry of both teams. With its cheap cost they can be massively built without using much of your money. They are effective for combat against other infantry and dogs.


RA1 E2
  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $160
With a longer range and more destructive power than basic infantry, Grenadiers are good against infantry groups, light armored vehicles, and buildings.

Rocket Soldier

RA1 E3
  • Owner: Allies, Soviets (Multiplayer)
  • Cost: $300
Armed with a Dragon Rocket launcher, these infantry packs a punch against enemy vehicles and are effective against aircraft. However, these men must be guarded from other infantry and anti-infantry vehicles.


RA1 E4
  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $300
The Flamethrower can not take as much damage as other infantry, but they are very effective against enemy infantry and buildings. They are also effective against light armor vehicle. Unlike the Command and Conquer 95 Flamethrowers, the Red Alert Flamethrowers does not need to spread apart to avoid damage while in groups.


  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $500
Engineers are useful around the base, they can fully repair any damage structure upon entering. They can also damage or capture enemy buildings depending on its health.


  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $500
The Spy is an infantry unit that is disguised as a light infantry unit. It can move past most enemy units undetected. When it enters buildings it reveals information about the status of the building or player. Be careful as enemy vehicles can run over the spy and Attack Dogs can are the only units with the ability to detect spies.

Attack Dog

  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $200
The attack dog is the Soviet counter for the spy. Although they are highly vulnerable to damage, they can instantly kill infantry units.


  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $800
The medic heals nearby Allied infantry and can be placed in guard mode to heal any injured infantry. However, the medic has no defense against enemy units.


  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $500
The thief can only enter enemy refineries and is able to steal cash. These units have no defenses against enemy units and should be used when enemy refineries are unguarded.


  • Owner: Allies (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $950
The mechanic heals friendly vehicle that are near by. Just like the medic he has no defense against enemy units. These units are useful in groups.

Shock Trooper

  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $900
Armed with a mini teslacoil, Shock Troopers provide a significant amount of damage against tanks and infantry. However, their firing rate is very slow. Shock Troopers are also uncrushable.


  • Owner: Allies, Soviets (Multiplayer)
  • Cost: $1200
Tanya Adams is the Allies Special Forces Unit. She carries Dual Colt .45 pistols which can quickly take out enemy infantry. She is also armed with C4 which allows her to take out buildings and Bridges.


  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: N/A
The technician are units who work inside base structures and harvesters. Upon destruction technicians may come out. They are armed with a weak pistol and are ineffective against many units.


  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: N/A
Volkov is the Soviets armored solder who is armed with an 20mm AP-HE rifle and is able to regenerate his health when damaged.


  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: N/A
Chitzkoi is Volkov's Cybernetic Dog. Like the normal attack dogs he is able to kill infantry very fast. But he is also more armored and can take much more damage. He can also jump very high.

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