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An RTS released in 2001, developed by Westwood Studios. It is a sequel to Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and is succeeded by Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 . It has 1 expansion pack, entitled Yuri's Revenge.


Note: May contain spoilers for Command & Conquer: Red Alert

After the defeat of the Soviets in the previous, the world settles into an uneasy Cold War. Premiere Romanov, acting in spite of all reason, launches an all-out attack on the United States with the help of Yuri, a psychic whose creations threaten to mind-control the entire world into submission. It is once again up to the Allies to stop Romanov, Yuri, and their Soviet forces. However he fails take to over the world with his Psychic Dominators which were planted across the globe in many various places. He then gets sent to the past by a Chrono Prison, and gets trapped in a timeline of the early Dinosaurs.


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