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Allied Navy


Cost: $1000

The main battleship of the Allied Navy. It is armed with a cannon to hit all above water ships and land targets. On its back is the Osprey aircraft, which disengages to fire at any underwater enemy units that are detected.

Aircraft Carrier

Cost: $2000

Long range attack vessel that relies on the three Hornets it carries inside. This ship is slow, but has the capabiliy to target enemies from afar as well as replace the aircraft it loses free of charge. The Aircraft Carrier is vulnerable to air and naval units, and in some cases even ground units. It is best to escort the carrier with other naval units.


Cost: $500

Underwater naval unit that is best used against squids. Its sonar attack can force a squid to detach from a ship. It can fire through multiple units and damage other naval vessels as well.

Aegis Cruiser

Cost: $1200

An anti-air only ship that fires a barrage of missiles at its target. It is able to take down any air unit in a matter of seconds.

Amphibious Transport

Cost: $900

A hovering transport unit that can carry infantry, vehicles, or a mix of the two across land and sea.

Soviet Navy

Sea Scorpion

Cost: $500

Anti-air flak boat. Unlike the Aegis, the Sea Scorpion is a bit lighter in armor as it is built for speed, and the advantage to hit other land and sea unit's unlike the Aegis which is only able to target Air.

Attack Sub

Cost: $1000

Just a basic submarine. It lurks underwater undetected by most units and fires torpedoes.

Giant Squid

Cost: $1000

A unit that is made from experiments of mind control. It can grab on to ships with its gigantic tentacles and shake them till it breaks them, and an ability to basically insta-kill infantry unit's that have the ability to swim while there in the water. Can trap ships till they die, unless a dolphin interferes. In Yuri's Revenge, the Giant Squid still belongs to the Soviets and not Yuri oddly enough.


Cost: $2000

This ship is like the V3 Rocket in water, except longer range. It has two missiles that can be launched from afar and they do decent damage on their targets, they also reload faster than V3 Rocket's and somewhat move faster then normal V3 Rocket's (this could be caused due to the appirence of both Rocket's as the dreadnought seem's to have smaller version's), They are good against stationary targets and do not have lock-on capability. Its missiles can be shot down by anti-air defenses just like the V3 Rockets and the Boomer missiles, but the only disadvantage to the main ship is that it is still somewhat slow, moving only a bit faster then V3's when going long distance travel's.

Amphibious Transport

Cost: $900

Same as Allied Transport, just carries stuff.

Yuri's Navy


Cost: $2000

An advanced submarine. It costs twice as much as the Soviet one and has twice the torpedo firepower. Aside from that, it has the capability to launch missiles at land targets in a similar way the Dreadnought does. The missiles can be shot out by anti-air.

Hover Transport

Cost: $900

Same thing as the other two transports, just named "Hover" instead of "Amphibious" and looks a lot darker and smaller.

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