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Director: Joseph D. Kucan, Donny Miele

Story: Jason Henderson, Paul Robinson

Screenplay: Wynne McLaughlin

Voice of Kane: Joseph D. Kucan

Voice of Capt. Nick 'Havoc' Parker: Wally Wingert

Executive Producer: Daniel Cermak, Louis Castle

Sr. Producer: Sean Decker

Associate Producer: Joseph Selinske, Robert Powers

Lead Programmer: Greg Hjelstrom, Byon Garrabrant

Programmer: Tom Spencer-Smith, Patrick Smith, Ian Leslie, Jani Penttinen, Steve Tall

Lead Artist: Eric Kearns, Elie Arabian, Joseph Black

Artist: Pat Jenkins, Beau Anderson, Anthony Han, Tom Szakolczay, Matt Cooley, Brad Garbeau, Richard Vargas, Kort Vargas

Audio Director: Paul S. Mudra

Music: Frank Klepacki

In-Game Sound Effects: Zak Belica

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