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Multiplayer Radio commands

These are commands for multiplayer to communicate with team members.

Ctrl+ 1: Building needs repair

Ctrl+ 2: Get In the vehicle

Ctrl+ 3: Get out of the vehicle

Ctrl+ 4: Destroy that vehicle

Ctrl+ 5: Watch where you're pointing that

Ctrl+ 6: Don't get in my way

Ctrl+ 7: Affirmative

Ctrl+ 8: Negative

Ctrl+ 9: I'm in position

Ctrl+ 0: Enemy spotted

Alt+ 1: I need repairs

Alt+ 2: Take the point

Alt+ 3: Move out

Alt+ 4: Follow me

Alt+ 5: Hold position

Alt+ 6: Cover me

Alt+ 7: Take cover

Alt+ 8: Fall back

Alt+ 9: Return to base

Alt+ 0: Destroy it now

Ctrl+ Alt+ 1: Attack the base defenses

Ctrl+ Alt+ 2: Attack the harvester

Ctrl+ Alt+ 3: Attack that structure

Ctrl+ Alt+ 4: Attack the refinery

Ctrl+ Alt+ 5: Attack the power plant

Ctrl+ Alt+ 6: Defend the base

Ctrl+ Alt+ 7: Defend the harvester

Ctrl+ Alt+ 8: Defend that structure

Ctrl+ Alt+ 9: Defend the refinery

Ctrl+ Alt+ 0: Defend the power plant

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