Cinematic Director: Richard Taylor

Assosciate Producer: Gregory Kasavin

Executive Producer: Mike Verdu

Original Music: Steve Jablonsky

Original Music: Trevor Morris

Production Manager of Cinematics: Patrick Hurd

Cinematic Artist: Michelle Tasic

Score Coordinator: Chandra Cogburn

Digital Compositor: Dave Isaac Santos Abuel

Digital Compositor: Hoon Bae

Digital Compositor: Jason Howey

Digital Compositor: Aaron Kaminar

Digital Compositor: Vivian Wei

Still Photographer: Justin M. Lubin

Senior Development Director: Chris Corry

Additional Music: Todd Haberman

Graphics Engineer: Lutz Latta

Game Designer: Jeremy War


Cassandra Blair: Shanon Cook

Kilian Qatar: Tricia Helfer

NOD Commander: Kiko Ellsworth

Reporter: Shauntay Hinton

Reporter: John Huck

NOD Intelligence Officer: Josh Holloway

GDI General Jack Granger: Michael Ironside

Kane: Joseph D. Kucan

Lt. Kirce James: Jennifer Morrison

Lt. Sandra Telfair: Grace Park

GDI Director Redmond Boyle: Billy Dee Williams

Voice Actors

Voice: Militant: Brian Bloom

Voice: Sniper Team Leader: Brian Bloom

GDI Soldier: Joe Cappelletti

GDI Transport: Joe Cappelletti

Voice: NOD MCV: Stefan Marks

Voice: NOD EVA: Stefan Marks

Voice: Venom Patrol Craft: Stefan Marks

Alien A.I.: Courtenay Taylor

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