A Commanding Officer is a term used in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. It refers to the player chosen character, who acts as the tactician for their army. Each CO has distinct powers and advantages, which will someday be listed here.

Powers and Abilities


  • Orange Star
  • CO Power: Restores 2 HP to all of his units.
  • Strengths: None.
  • Weaknesses: None.


  • Orange Star
  • CO Power: Infantry movement range increased and movement cost (for infantry) reduced to 1 for all terrain.
  • Strengths: Infantry is stronger and captures at 1.5x speed.
  • Weaknesses: Non-infantry ground units are weaker.


  • Orange Star
  • CO Power: Ground vehicle attack power increased.
  • Strengths: Direct-attack vehicle attack power is top.
  • Weaknesses: Indirect-attack units are weaker and have less range.


  • Orange Star
  • CO Power: Makes her units extra lucky (greater chance of extra damage).
  • Strengths: Lucky (better-than-normal chance of extra damage)
  • Weaknesses: None?


  • Blue Moon
  • CO Power: Can make it snow.
  • Strengths: Movement penalties for snow don't apply to his units.
  • Weaknesses: Movement penalties for rain are harsher for his units (equivalent to snow's effect on other COs' units).


  • Blue Moon
  • CO Power: Can increase his indirect units' range and firepower.
  • Strengths: Longer-than-normal indirect range.
  • Weaknesses: Direct-combat units are weaker.


  • Yellow Comet
  • CO Power: Extra firepower and defense for all his units.
  • Strengths: All units are stronger.
  • Weaknesses: All units are more expensive.


  • Yellow Comet
  • CO Power: Extends vision range for all units and allows scouting through forests/reefs.
  • Strengths: Longer vision range for all units.
  • Weaknesses: Units are unlucky (less damage overall).


  • Green Earth
  • CO Power: Non-infantry units that have already acted can do so again, but there is a penalty to attack and defense.
  • Strengths: Strongest firepower in the skies.
  • Weaknesses: Sea units are weaker.


  • Green Earth
  • CO Power: Damages all enemy units (1 unit of damage; cannot destroy units).
  • Strengths: Sea units have greater firepower and movement.
  • Weaknesses: Air units are weaker.
  • ??: Rain occurs more frequently around him.


  • Black Hole
  • Power:
  • Strengths:
  • Weaknesses:

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