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Commando (Senjō no Ookami) is a game released in arcades and was later ported to many home consoles and computers.


The game is a vertical Run and Gun arcade game released in 1985. Its influence can be seen in several later games in the genre.


These are the levels of the arcade version:

  • Mission 1:
    • 1st Area: Jungle Drop Off, Barricade Territory.
    • 2nd Area: The Trench "No Mans Land", Cannon Turret Gauntlet.
    • 3rd Area: The Field Barracks, The Transit Zone.
    • 4th Area: Bridges to Airport, 1st Enemy Airport.
  • Mission 2:
    • 1st Area: 2nd Jungle Territory, The Marsh Lands.
    • 2nd Area: 2nd Cannon Turret Gauntlet, The Trench/Bridge Territory.
    • 3rd Area: The Enemy Main Barracks, "Bazooka Alley" Territory.
    • 4th Area: The Capital Outskirts, The International Airport.


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