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Complete Onside Soccer is a football simulation game programmed by Elite for PC and PlayStation, released in 1996 in Europe and 1998 in Japan. It was published by Telstar Electronic Studios in 1996.

It is one of the several games featured by Peter Schmeichel, like Peter Schmeichel Soccer[citation needed] or Soccer Superstars Peter Schmeichel.[1]

There is a version "Onside Soccer" developed for 3DO[2] released in 2007 by OlderGames.


The game centres on team management and on-pitch play using British and European football teams of the 96/97 season. The game was generally not as popular or innovative as similar FIFA products but despite relatively poor graphics it can be rewarding with both 11-a-side or indoor 5-a-side. It supports a single player through tournaments and leagues or 2 players for versus play, with weather options and commentary.


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