Confidential Mission is a light gun game published by Sega, first available as an arcade game, then ported to the Dreamcast. The game is in the same style as the Virtua Cop series, with support for one or two players. The game was developed by Sega's Hitmaker development team and first released in 2000. Its plot is of the same vein as James Bond, and Mission: Impossible. Despite it also having an arcade release, it never enjoyed the popularity of the Virtua Cop nor the Time Crisis series.


A group of terrorists have stolen the World's Collisions satellite,CMF sends two of its agents,Howard Gibson,and Jean Clifford to investigate. They first infiltrate a museum, where they find out "Agares" is behind the plot of stealing the satellite. As soon as they grab the disc with the information,one of the Agares leaders prevent them from getting the disc. After they retrieve the disc, they are sent to a train traveling through the mountains. Irina Mikalova,Satellite programmer, has been kidnapped by Agares and forced to reprogram the satellite, Howard and Jean manage to rescue Irina but are stopped by the General, who is defeated by the two agents. With the help of Irina, CMF locates Agares Headquarters, where the satellite control is being transported to a submarine. Howard and Jean manage to make it through the base and find the Agares Leader, who plans to use the satellite to destroy the CMF Headquarters. After being defeated, the leader uses a self-destruct sequence to defeat the two agents and escaping with the satellite data. The two agents manage to use the satellite to destroy the submarine and the leader. The two agents escape, and CMF is prevented from being destroyed.


Hitmaker ported this game to the Dreamcast console direct from the arcade. The simplicity of light gun based games ported to consoles allow for a streamlined and fast paced gaming experience because the game only really requires one button: fire. The idea of the mission is to infiltrate enemy headquarters using a combined assortment of weapons and gadgets which differs from the traditional Virtua Cop and Time Crisis games.

Gameplay using a regular Dreamcast controller to move an on-screen cursor is available, however, quick draw shots are extremely hard to master and are crucial to all light gun games.


Confidential Mission was developed using the Sega System-16 NAOMI GD-ROM model arcade board. It was available in the arcades in 4 configurations: Cabinet Deluxe, Sitdown, Normal and Upright.

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