Conflict: Vietnam is the third installment in the Conflict series of video games for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

Gameplay Edit

A third person shooter, Conflict: Vietnam has the player taking control of a squad of four 101st Airborne Division soldiers on the eve of the Tet Offensive in 1968. Multiplayer allows two players to each control two of the squad's four men and take on Viet Cong members and North Vietnamese forces.

Plot Edit

Conflict: Vietnam opens in 1968, just days before the Tet Offensive begins, as 19-year old Private Harold Kahler is introduced to his squadmates on a Huey gunship while heading to "Ghost Town" a 101st Airborne Division base in South Vietnam. 28-year old Staff Sergeant Frank "Ragman" Wier is the leader, highly familiar with the Vietnam War from two previous tours of duty. Corporals Bruce "Junior" Lesh and Will "Hoss" Schafer comprise the rest of the squad. The 1968 Tet Offensive occurs just after Kahler's first combat patrol, and he is separated from 101st Airborne forces after a night insertion by helicopter into VC territory along with the rest of Sergeant Wier's squad.

Over the course of the next several missions, the squad battles through miles of unknown jungle filled with hostile NVA and VC until they meet up with a US riverboat, commanded by "The Chief". After fighting their way through a VC-fortified area called 'Charlie's Point', the men discover the Chief has been killed and soon meet up with a group of Montagnards. After retrieving a sacred statue and releasing several VC prisoners for the leader of the village, the squad uses a radio gained as a reward to call for a helicopter extraction from the 1st Air Cav, being landed in a base under siege. After fighting off a heavy VC and NVA assault, the squad is praised by an overjoyed Major Wallace, who promises all of them commendations for their bravery. A dying VC throws a grenade into the bunker as the Major speaks, however, knocking them out, and the five men are taken prisoner.

After escaping from the VC POW camp, the squad fights their way through the jungle and meets Sergeant Stone of the Australian SAS and his squad. The two work together to destroy an extensive VC tunnel system that Stone and his men were sent to take out, and part on good terms. Meeting up with a USMC jeep, the squad joins up with a column of trucks and tanks headed for Hue. After battling through the war-torn city and destroying numerous NVA T-34's with an M48 Patton tank, the squad mounts up in a 101st Airborne Huey. The helicopter is shot down while attempting to destroy NVA SAM's in the area, and the squad fights their way to and assaults The Citadel, taking the fortress and killing its garrison, including a handful of tanks and kill the commanding general. A closing cinematic, narrated by Kahler, tells what happens to each of his squadmates and himself after their tour. Hoss signs on for another tour, Kahler later hearing from a drunk CIA agent that he is fighting in Cambodia, forever going wherever he can find the thrill of combat. Junior goes home, but meets an unjust fate after he joins the Black Panther Party and is killed in a shootout with the FBI. Ragman comes home to an empty house and a pile of divorce papers, and moves to live in the Rocky Mountains with his dog, Ho Chi Minh, having found a well-deserved peace. Kahler goes home and becomes a doctor, his expertise in dealing with gunshot wounds being all-too-needed in cities torn by violence and civil unrest.

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